Does He Like Me? 32 Ways to Answer The All Important Question!

“Does He Like Me” seems to be holding the fort in being one of the most popular questions, still. So I thought I add all the little things a guy would do, the subtle hints he shows and the silliness he displays if he likes a girl.

If you answer any of the questions with Yes, your guy in question likes you whether he is a friend, a crush, a classmate, or a total stranger. The more Yes’s you have, the more certain you can be that he likes you.

Does he try to make you laugh in any way such as telling jokes, being witty, being silly or even tickling you?

Does he attempt to touch you like picking a hair string on your shirt, accidentally brushing his arm against your arm, tickling you, leaning on you, wrestling you, playing with your hair, poking you, tapping you, grabbing your arm, offering you a shoulder rub or even shoving you around and punching you (friendly of course)?

Does he often smile at you, laugh at your jokes even if they are silly?

Does he smell and look good around you, with his hair made (even if it is messy, it is on purpose)?

Does he sometimes act strange or silly to get your attention?

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Does he shoot a rubber band or throw a paper wad at you?

Does he not want to be seen with you, so people including his friends won’t think he likes you?

Does he sometimes feel weird around you since someone asked him if he likes you?

Does he attempt to randomly start a conversation with you using conversation starters like “What’s up”, “Hey” or “So,…”?

Does he get jealous of you if he sees you talking to or hanging out with a guy friend?

Does he offer you help with homework, carrying your things, or any other important or just random tasks?

Does he call you “Cutie”, “Sweetie” or with a nick name?

Does he often find ways to be near you, around you, to spend time with you, to talk to you about anything or to hang out with you like walking with you even though he has to be somewhere else?

Does he share common hobbies and interest with you and talk about them too, like his favorite movies, books, or sports?

Does he blush or smile when he sees you or when a friend mentions your name in your absence?

Does he look at you from a distance when you are looking away and then shyly looks down or away when you catch him looking at you?

Does he have your phone number, and does he call you or text you regularly or send you emails and IMs?

Does he get things for you or buy you stuff?

Does he flirt with you, tease you and even say something mean, too?

Does he shyly look at you or stare at you when he walks by you and maybe even smile or wink at you?

Does he look deep into your eyes when you talk to him and sometimes blushes?

Does he sometimes become shy and nervous around you but mostly act sweet, nice, gentle, flirty and playful towards you?

Does he ever rub his arm or fix his hair when he talks to you?

Does he act clueless and pretend he doesn’t know anything or cracks jokes and even try to change the conversation when his friends are talking to you?

Does he talk about you with his friends?

Does he look at you, then smile and then look away for no apparent reason?

Does he seem relaxed, listening to you, leaning toward you, touching you on the arm or shoulder when you talk to him?

Does he seem to act normally when in a group of people, but seem kind of nervous, shy and quiet when he is alone with you?

Does he try to impress you by dressing well, and presenting himself with his best behavior?

Do his friends seem to be nicer to you and talk to you more often than usual?

Do his friends ask you if you like him?

And last but not least, do you or any of your friends think he likes you?

How did you do, and how many Yes’s did you have? I am sure you did well. Keep in mind that some guys will like you, while some others will like you even more. But the more important thing is to see if he likes you for who you are and not try to change you.

And you should not try to change him, either. Even more, you shouldn’t change your ways for him. Otherwise, what is the point? He should go find someone else if that’s what he wants and trust me there are enough people for each one of us on earth that you will find someone who likes you as much as you like him.


What Girls Said 74

  • Well, I have some problem here. The first boy, he is same age like me. He smile and sometime blush shyly every time he meet me, he text me every night (even just for some random conversation), but he has a girlfirend! And now he never contact me anymore, and I think he just try to be loyal to his girfriend.
    And the second, he is 2 years older than me. He rarely talk to me, but he could get blush and give me a big smile every time he meet me. He also stared at my phone number (that written on a card). I like him, but I am not sure if he likes me too.

  • I feel my friend likes me now!;/

  • Yup me likes me lol :-D

  • my guy friend likes me yes to most of them... always wondered why he would start radomnly throwing bits of paper at me

  • I got 85%... I hope he makes a move soon :P

  • It sucks when you can answer yes to most of these..but so could like 5 other girls with the same guy... >:\

  • OMG He Likes ME YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOO happy, because I really like him. that's sooo helpful thank u

  • This article was really helpful. except this one guy I like acts so different when he's in public and when he's texting me. its like he has to different personalities!!!

  • That helped a lot like no joke thank you so much!! Your amazing!

  • This really helped thanxs

  • Dude. I said yes to like 27 of these... Can you like read my question I've posted, and tell me what you think I should do. I think you can probably check it oit through my profile or something. Please!

  • I got about 14 or 15.....some of them though, like looking nicer for me and such I'm not sure about since I didn't really know him until about a month and a half ago, hah. He does always look nice though, so if we include ones like that in then I have about 20. This is a great article. =)

  • I don't know. Many guys do things like that. Doesn't mean they LIKE you. Like as a friend maybe.

  • Very helpful, thanks. great job!!

  • Wow, my guy friend does most of these things.. but he has a gf... and I met her... one Q! does this really mena he is being a gentlemen or does he really like me??

  • Most of my answers are yes,...but how come he never told me he likes me?

    he become cold now, not texting me anymore but he used to stares at me whenever I am around.

    still confusing though

  • Yeah..I'm not so sure here...

    My guy friend does all of these things, and yet, he has a

    I think he's just being a caring friend.... :)

  • yes I have a lot of 'yes's' but we are just freinds...

    i wasn't thinking about anyone in particular when I started reading this, there name just kept popping in my head because they do some/most of those things..

  • I have 24 yeses.

  • Aside from the throwing a wad of paper at me, most of these applied. However, how can you be sure that he's not just being a gentleman with the intentions of a platonic relationship? Women can read into things that really aren't there. I don't want to get my hopes up, only to be rejected by a shy guy! That's like a double rejection. :sniffs:

    But, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article!

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What Guys Said 5

  • I think the problem is that guys use these tactics to get the girl. The girl will only go for him and like him back if he does not hit on her definitely until later. You can only win a girl over if she spends time WONDERING IF HE LIKES YOU.

    So if he does this, the guy probably likes the girl.

    Also, great question! I feel like "does he like me" is the ONLY question girls ask on here to!

  • nice article! now we need a list for "32 ways to answer whether SHE likes you" lol

  • Great list bro, wow I didn't notice that we make it so obvious sometimes lol

  • Yeah...... this doesn't really work.

    You should've kept it to a few critical questions and concepts. This is really all over the place and as a result.

    I'd say, keep it to:

    -Does he seem to spend more time around you than you think he should?

    -Is he seemingly unable to ignore you?

    -Does he act different around you?

    Most of those have something to do with one of those three, but not everyone reacts in the same way.

  • Whoa monkey, nice list man! With the massive amounts of ladies thanking you, it's obvious you were spot on the money.