Red Flags Of Dating Pt.1 Promiscuous Girls

Redflags of dating is in regards of women who are promiscuous and most likely to cheat on you. These women are not considered long term partners or at least in my opinion. Non of the less I'm going to equip you guys with knowledge that may save you time.

1. If she has daddy issues

If she hates her dad who is suppose to be her role model. Then she will treat her partner the same way she would treat her dad. Not saying all women are this way but in most cases. You get the idea...

2. "Party Girl The Heavy Drinker" (If she parties to much)

She wakes up dazed and confused all the time. Somtimes she wakes up next to a guy or 2. Its sad but true how can a woman like this be in love? In love with you? Not all party girls are like this but its rarely true how can a women like this be in love? 2 be in love with you?

3. If she smokes

A women who smokes is risking her health which means she's a risk taker. She doesn't care about her health which means she would sleep with a guy without thinking about it.

4. If she has a lot of guy friends

I'm a guy and as guy I know why we talk to girls. Not saying all girls are like this but she can get a guy whenever she wants and might just sleep with him or them. However its a matter of trust so keep that in mind.

5. Talks about drama

If she talks about she is entertained by it. So most likely she will create drama because it amuses her.

6. Creates Drama

The smallest thing could set her off. She loves drama just like #5 she will create it. What good way to create it then to sleep with another man? Maybe your best friend will do the trick? These women are dangerous and most likely to cheat on you. The sign is when she acts different around you so stay away from them.

7. She's a flake

Y'all make plans and she flakes out on you. Most likely talking to another guy. Your just a side thing. This girl may be sleeping with that guy. Frosted flakes are more then worse their fake.

8. She has a lock on her phone

I hope this gives you some insight on what to look out for the more flags the more promiscuous she is so watch out. Use your brain and don't be fooled by thinking with your heart. Be logical because this may save you a trip to the doctor..... good luck and god speed ☺

By the way feel free to comment ladies and gentlemen and tell me your thoughts :D

Red Flags Of Dating Pt. 2 Womanizing Men Coming soon!!!


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What Girls Said 14

  • I don't have any of that except for the last, and I won't ever say my #.

  • Wow this is terrible.
    You know when you write an informative article, you generally want to have a few actual facts in it. There are some very gullible people nowadays.

    Smoking has nothing to do with sleeping around. Not all studies are conclusive. Was there a study group? What was the IV and DV? What about an experimental group? Was the test conducted through survey or other means? Was there multiple experiments to test the validity of the results? We're there any confounding variables?
    Give me proof that whatever statistics you found for any of these are valid. And I might be inclined to believe your bullshit. Because that's what it is.


    • The more signs the most likely and this is from personal experience. Im not saying that all women are automatically promiscuous with one sign. And I Dont need a study group if I seen and been through this.

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    • So your telling me a girl with daddy issues is not most likely to be a promiscuous women? That
      a party girl who gets wasted is least likely to engage in sexual activities?

    • That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm simply asking you to prove that these facts are true with a little scientific evidence.

      I'm a psych student. I study these behaviours. There is correlation, yes, but you cannot simply state that this causes that without further investigation and solid evidence. Which you do not have.

      The reason you are getting so many comments from people saying 'this isn't how it is' is because you have both insulted the female population and further exasperated the miscommunication that often goes on between men and women concerning the psyche and our reasonings for doing different things.

      It is unreasonable to expect a man to write a piece on the female psyche and expect him to get everything right. But I don't believe it is unfair to expect you to back up your claims with a little hard evidence is it?

      'In my experience' is not hard evidence.

  • A : Everyone has locks on their phones. B : I find it funny that if a woman has multiple sexual partners she's viewed as being more likely to cheat but we don't view men that way, I find this peculiar. C : What the fuck does smoking have to do with fidelity? Is everybody who smokes suddenly a cheater now? D : I hate the whole idea that men and women can't have friends of the opposite gender, because I have many male friends and have never cheated.

    These don't seem like supported facts in my opinion so I can't say I take it too seriously.

    • Well, statisticly its true. We do know that the greater the sexual partners for a woman the more likely she is to cheat/divorce the less satisifaction she gets from relationships etc. It doesn't seem to affect men to the same capacity (I can never find the data but supposedly it still affects them but to a lesser degree) The smoking is a little absurd, but their is corralation between risk taking and promiscuity (third most common cause of death among porn stars is car accidents, mostly due to speeding ie risky behavior, They are willing to take greater risks with them sevles) I don't see an issue with friends either, perhaps if some of them where one night stands/past sexual partners their may be an issue though.

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    • @dartmaul15 Actually with research pieces that are not 100% valid it is advised to either test their claims or dismiss them all together.

      I would not put my faith into a piece that cannot prove that without a doubt what it is trying to prove is correct.

    • I dont have lucks on my phone

  • Hahah funny funny... But I think your talking about outgoing girls. You might as well say don't date a girl if she outgoing.

    • There is a difference between being extroverted, and having no respect for one's self and for others. The responses I'm reading from a lot of women here suggest guilty consciences on the defensive.

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    • She lock her phones? Yeah I can't have privacy?
      She a flake? What if she had something important to do... I am not saying it's okay but it happens!

    • So many way I can pull this and I just feel like its unfair!

  • 3 and 8 are ridiculous

  • 4. Has a lot of guy friends- guys think differently, mostt women are friends with guys because they are funny, they clique, and because guys are less drama.
    7. She's a flake- Girls Don't act like guys, it's because she's not interested.
    8. I lock my phone in case anyone wants to steal it, it would be hard for them to get in. If he asked for my password I'd be glad to give it to him. I'm not in school anymore, so find no lock code more convenient for me, and I have insurance

  • I can see where you're going with all these points except the last one. Really? a lock on the phone is a red flag?

  • "A women who smokes is risking her health which means she's a risk taker. She doesn't care about her health which means she would sleep with a guy without thinking about it."

  • I disagree with number 8. I have a lock on my phone, that doesn't mean I'm most likely to cheat. This list is ridiculous. A girl having a lock on her phone does not indicate promiscuity either

    • Exactly what I said! ;)

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    • @Keyspirits you need help

    • Ur LUV is all i need baby 👄💋
      So u can't be hiding anything from cha boi 😉

  • Um, I have to disagree with #8. I lock my phone for security reasons, in case of theft, loss, etc. NOT because I'm hiding something.

    • If your husband or boyfriend told you to show him your phone for whatever reason.. Would you?

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    • @singlebee
      Of course. I'm not a sneaky sneed. Lol.

    • Oh, and #4. I have a lot of guy friends. And?

  • Wow, that atrocious spelling and grammar though.

  • Red flags of dating:
    1. if he is so unbelivably dumb. Like this take owner, for example. Run away from him as fast as you can, girls! The lack of common sense on this Person is dangerous for society!

    Seriously. Having a lock on your phone is just common sense. Like you don't lock your phone, you misogynist asshole. I wish you a long and happy marriage to your hand.

    • i dont lock my phone why do people lock phones?

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    • @obscuredbeyond So are some men, you know.. So are some men... Not all women are angels, i know, but not all men are angels either. Generalizing is the stuoidest thing someone could do because it just displays a lack of rational thinking

    • Locking your phone/computer/laptop is synonymous with locking your car or home. I cannot understand why someone wouldn't.

  • Oh please...

  • These are all jumps from A to Z with no logic backing them up.

    • I had reasons but if its not logical enough ill be happy to tell you.

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    • Im not putting words in anyones mouth you clearly said "These are all jumps from A to Z with no logic backing them up." Humans know tobacco can harm them they just don't care. How logical do you want me to be?

    • And we know microwaves and cell phones cause cancer but we still use them therefore we don't care about ourselves therefore we don't love anyone therefore we are all sociopaths

What Guys Said 29

  • Promiscuity is fine as long as she doesn't commit. Same for guys. Hey, everyone's entitled to sexual freedom.
    A promiscuous girl ain't all that different from a narcissistic guy and its common knowledge that most guys would fall over each other for a girl like that. I'm sorry, this feels primitive even if you're a psych student. Why don't you examine why a girl becomes promiscuous? I think that would be a better than straight out point signboards to call a promiscuous.

  • This doesn't have much to do with a girl being promiscuous, cause any girl can have/do some of those points and not be promiscuous.
    I'd never date a promiscuous girl, I don't trust them. If they're settling down is most likely because she's losing her game and receiving less and less attention, so not because she wants, but because she has to, therefore if she still got approach a lot, she wouldn't settle down.
    I'm not about being used and all that.

    • Promiscuous men do the same thing

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    • I do not want your STDs

    • I didn't even tagged her and she comes back, she's in love xD

  • seems like the can be said for promiscuous women maybe just reversing some of the issues you presenting

    guys who...
    -- has mommy or daddy issues
    -- has lots of female friends

  • Great take. I have known and used these signs before and oh boy I dodged a LOT of bullets.

  • You realize that this list covers almost all women right

  • All those types of women I'd avoid like the plague. You can't trust them.

  • I fucked about 60 women, am constantly being stalked, harassed even sexually and I can tell that most of the written above complies with reality. Women will obviously all deny this to defend their interests at all costs. Just prepare for "If I , it doesn't mean that " tsunami.

  • I disagree with the phone lock. Now a days you can carry all sorts of personal info in your phone. You may be logged to your bank apps etc. Etc.

    Heck, my whole business can be accessed through my phone. Inventory, bank account, merchandise tracking etc.

  • It would've been nice to see what all these girls would bitch about if you hadn't included #8. But yeah 1-7 are all signs of it. Maybe not necessarily promiscuity but definitely unreliability when it comes to dating.

  • Yep. All true. Some of these Red Flags actually remind me of a lot of things. Τhe only thing that keeps me thinking is 'what if her dad is a bad role model?' true story here but I still can't see how a young person disrespect its parents so much.

  • if only these were in any way true it would make it so much easier to find promiscuous women to date... But unfortunately, you basically just summarized a bunch of television generalizations...

    • Real life situations not saying that on flag automatically makes her promiscuous but the more flags higher possibility my friend.

  • Damn... My ex was all of those...

  • 9. She is an obsessive fangirl who constantly crushes on a fictional character and contrasts you with him. Run away fast from any girl this extremely nerdy. She is only using you. (Source: personal experience)

    10. She calls you "entourage" at the grocery store. Same reason as above.

    11. She gets annoyed if you want to meet her parents. Always has an excuse not to, and strings you along with false promises. She's probably lying about at least half her reasons, and the real reason is that she's just using you, and doesn't deserve to be with any man, ever. Only avoids the truth to avoid the coming judgment she knows is already divinely upon her. Run for the hills before she starts a blatantly false rumor against you.

    12. When making out, she suddenly bites your ears without your permission. Not hard, but not with your permission. Always has some weird reason why you should be perfectly okay with her not respecting your wishes.

    13. Prefers Skype to real interaction, to the point of flaking out on agreements to meet for real. I can understand when you first meet someone, preferring Facebook if you're better at writing than at speaking. I'm much better at writing than speaking.

    But in a relationship, there comes a point where it isn't real unless you're face-to-face and face your stage fright.

    14. She'll ditch a meeting with you to go to a comic store with some freaky-looking ladies. You can follow along, but can't go in the same vehicle. She doesn't want those friends to see her with you.

    If she's pulling this sh*t, she's probably a closet bisexual who is also slightly into bestiality. Run away fast. (Source: personal experience.)

  • It's not wrong to be extra careful nowadays... you'll never know what kind of person you'll bump into.

    • That's true. Several of my exes are extremely lucky they haven't wound up on Investigation Discovery yet, the kind of stunts they pull. I'm lucky I haven't wound up on that network yet, given all the drama those girls liked to cause. I've dodged a lot of bullets.

    • @ObscuredBeyond wise words. Thank you sir.

  • I don't mean to criticize but all these points don't really seem to hit the button :)

  • I thought I had issues, but I am an emotional rock compared to this dude.

    • He isn't saying just one of these makes a girl bad. He's saying if a woman has more than one - or possibly all - of these traits, then that's a strong indicator.

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    • @ObscuredBeyond Well, there certainly are crazy girls out there. And most girls will admit that girls, even themselves, are crazy. And some are crazier than others. I'm not denying that. But I hope you can understand that your experience was rare.

    • Places to never go looking for a date:

      - Meijer stores. Women with zero class work there.
      - Rehab organizations. They're more f*d up than they admit.
      - Community colleges. Just never works out.
      - Campus ministry / international outreach centers. Koreans matter, you don't.
      - Church-schools with dramatically-shrinking numbers. Usually a good reason.
      - Girls whose mothers admit to being (former) prostitutes. Just run away.

  • Girls are nothing more than a physical diversion for me.

    • You are still young with lots of maturing to do still. Girls are people just like you, and if you can not respect that, it will crash and burn in your face one day... Just wait and see ;)

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    • Yeah dude. Women can do magic. So better respect US or you'll get turned into a frog

  • Your gunna get a lot of flak from white knight beta male enablers. And prob even more from shallow minded women that don't know much or prefer to be the puppetmaster in relationships. But much of what you said is true I'd give it about a 8/10. I'd say each point is hinting at a much bigger issue, but 1 and 3 are not necessary negatives that can't be overcome by either you, her, or the relationship. Anyhow nice topic good luck with part 2 I'm curious how you can take this further.

    • You don't think this guy shows just a little bit of insecurity here? You honestly think he's coming across as an alpha?

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    • Fair enough. But I also hugely disagree with 6 out of his 8 points.

    • Have you noticed most of the girls have negative comments. Lol @ImNotCreativeEither Im guessing your bigger then Ice burg Slim. To me Insecurity is a negative feeling I'd rather have positive feelings.

  • You missed one. She likes to do Molly

  • My girl has lock on her phone but gave me the swipe code, its normal to have a lock on a phone. I find that the only real red flags are 1,2,45,6 with 6 being the real major red flag.

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