Donald Trump Is An Idiot, But He's Also Highly Attractive To Much of the Opposite Sex

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a pretty ugly, greasy looking dude who's most unattractive trait to me, is how dumb he sounds when he talks politics. Yet, he does espouse certain characteristics that many girls are highly attracted to. The reason I choose him is because I want to hit home the fact that a girl being attracted is not a choice and so it can happen with guys that her logical, thinking, moral mind would resist vehemently. So, what is it that unfortunatly turns on many women--his personality.


Trump has an incredibly deluded sense of the world and his place in it. However, that reality, which again is deluded, is much stronger than most other guys realities. Most guys don't really know what they want, they don't really know who they are and who they want to be. We're all so caught up in the need to be liked and approved of others to various extents that we don't even really know what we like and what we don't like because it's so colored by what other people like, since it's a chief way we try to bond with others and avoid social isolation which our primitive minds view as leading to death.


The Koch Brothers, one of the wealthiest families in the world discarded him at the beginning of the election. He's been mocked endlessly and even done some of the mocking himself. Both the Dems and Republicans are coming at him from all sides. It's Trump vs. Everybody and he doesn't even flinch. In the dating world, when a girl tries to mess with a guy and he just thinks she's being stupid or silly, she becomes 10x more attracted.


Donald Trump Is An Idiot But He's Also Highly Attractive To Much of the Opposite Sex

You never have to worry that Donald is losing faith in himself--he will be push through any hard time with unreasonable self belief. He's one of those people who wants to take over the world because...why not? Yet, you could easily see him joking around and acting goofy, smilng and personable if you ever met him in person. Yes, these traits are often found in most cult leaders...I would say that's exactly what Donald Trump is.

So yeah, Trump despite his many, many, many, many, many flaws probably crushes it on the dating scene, and not just because of his money.

*** For the record, voting for Hillary.

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  • I disagree with this. Very much.

    " I find Donald Trump attractive" - words no woman has ever said. Even when he was young he wasn't physically attractive.

    And you're right he sounds dumb all the time. Which negates all other "positive" qualities he might. When you're confident but sounds stupid you just come across as an idiot. You can be confident when you good something.
    And then there's a fine line between confident and cocky or entitled. And Donald Trump is way past that line. What he does has nothing to do with confidence, it's downright narcissism

    And then he IS entitled, most importantly to this question, he feels entitled to women's bodies and women's decision. He constantly puts down women, do you really think that's attractive?

    If there was one republican candidate that was attractive to women, it'd be Rand Paul

  • I don't care how fat his wallet is, I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole!

    • @RandomPerson1324 I think your wrong. @starfishlover is a very pretty young woman.

      I'd touch that! (To put it in your offense terms)

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    • @fenixx0083 Yeah I so would if I was female.

    • @tynamite I just threw up in the back of my mouth...

  • He's hot! Of course I'm talking about his phat, huge , wallet !

  • He makes me want to swear off men forever lol.

    Ftr not voting for Hillary 😉

  • Ummm. Ewwwww! I don't think girls are attracted to him, but his money.
    I'm not attracted to either of that.

    He's an odd fellow for sure.

    • Seriously, I'd rather bang one of the (un) lucky guys in GaG than Trump. Hell, I'd rather bone Hillary than him lmao jk

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    • @Joc4Position yup lol Trump is pretty much one of the least attractive people inside and out

    • I would rather have sex with hillary than him and I'm not kidding

  • What girl on this planet is attracted to him?

    He looks like a screaming butthole that's been bleached too many times. He literally looks like how an asshole would if it had a face. His hair is a joke, he's old as shit, and his personality might be an even bigger turn off than his horrible appearance. In fact its the reason I don't feel bad talking about him like this.

    You guys are ridiculous thinking if a guy is "sure of himself" he is a panty wetter despite any other quality. I don't hear a single female saying he's attractive. On the contrary we make fun of him.

  • "Probably" crushes it on the dating scene?

    Dude, this is not exactly some big secret. I mean, even in his high-school yearbook, they already had this one figured out.

  • nope, he makes me puke in my own mouth. and, even if he paid me his entire net worth, i would still say no.

  • I don't believe that being attracted to someone is not a choice. Sure, to some degree, it's not, but for the most part, you can control whom you like. Like, I can choose to like a guy, or I can stop myself from liking one that I was initially attracted to. For me, so many people nowadays believe that you have no choice in who you like and that you can't stop yourself, which I believe is a misconception. You can and should be able to choose who you like or don't like.
    I'm not trying to undermine or start an argument, I'm just giving my opinion on that matter.

  • My panties just dropped 😆😛
    Ok on a serious note here, it is true. I always staye here that it s not the looks that intimidate but the attitude of the guy.
    How intimidating he is, smart, experienced with a sense of who he is and what he wants.
    I never felt attracted to someone based only on his looks. But I ve crushed on average/meh guys cause they were wicked xD

    • Eghh excuse the English typo mistakes

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    • @Red_Arrow damn you got me :P
      I would have taken them on purpose :P
      especially if they were used o. O

    • Yeah. I knew that about you. That is why I had to say something.

  • I hate him so much... He is d. i. s. g. u. s. t. u. n. g... His smile makes me want to ouch him in his face 👊 he's actually a jerk 😒

    • ** punch him ( not ouch him ) lol😂

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    • Sorry to break this to you, but trust me - Hillary is even worse. She literally laughs about getting a known pedophile free when she still was a lawyer.

    • @DaniaMQ he's a reality star... trust me it's literally all personality. you personally just don't like it.

  • Excellent argument. But I am not attracted to that man.

  • 1 billion would not stop the vomiting

  • Not once have I thought he was physically, sexually, or emotionally attractive

  • Every time I see his face I cringe.

    • thats what you say simply looking at his pics. If you had no option and he managed to persuade you to a date, there most certainly would be a second and third is what this guy is trying to say

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    • his personality is that of the highest order of douchebags, thats very appealing in the dating world

    • @Helpfulanon no it's not

  • Brb I think I just barfed a little

  • Donald Trump is not an idiot. You are.

    • A man that wants to invest more on military and not at science, and don't even wish to prioritize green energies, he's not that capable.

  • Yeah, I can hardly keep my pants on...

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    Grew up in the construction / development business, learned from his father, attended the NY Military Academy and went on to graduate from the Wharton School of Business.
    Wanted to do real estate deals in Manhattan rather than the boroughs surrounding NYC, and wanted to do massive hotels, apartments, skyscrapers, rather than mid-rise ho-hum apartment buildings like his father wanted him to. Went out and did it.

    Built a very successful company and track record as a real estate developer, turned the Trump name into a worldwide brand that people associate with top-quality, bounced back from the failures he encountered and grew stronger and more successful in spite of those roadblocks.

    Fixed Wolman Skating Rink in NYC after watching the city waste tons of money and make no progress for YEARS, finally after the city let him take on the project himself (at his own expense), he got it done RIGHT in a fraction of the time the city had wasted doing it the wrong way, came in under budget (way less than the city had spent trying to do it the wrong way), and it's still successful to this day. (Good example of his business skills being more efficient than government bureaucracy and incompetence)

    Decided to become an author, wrote a book "The Art of The Deal" about his negotiation techniques (which he is using in his presidential campaign, by the way...) and became a best selling author in the world of business books.

    Raised 5 kids who all seem to be successful in their own ways (yes, they got lucky, but LOTS of kids of wealthy parents turn out to have a LOT of problems, his kids don't)

    Decided to get into the business of Reality TV and created a hugely successful TV series, while still growing the real estate / casino / entertainment business.

    Licenses the Trump name in various business, extremely profitable business, people want the Trump name on their products and pay him $$$ for it.

    Now he decides to get in to politics at the highest level, and is kicking everyones ass despite being called a clown, buffoon, etc., completely turning the political scene upside down...

    Lets face it, the man is sharp as a tack and knows how to get stuff done. He's not brilliant, but has strong enough skill sets in many different areas and while he may brag, the truth is he's not just blowing hot air.

    Maybe that has something to do with his attractiveness and popularity?

    • People think he's stupid because he uses colloqualisms when he speaks publicly, his track record of success at the highest levels apparently mean nothing if you don't give caned speeches that have passed political correctness PR staff approval.

    • @Jager66 Simple language = everyone can understand what he says regardless of education. I consider myself to be a fairly smart guy, but I had to google "colloqualisms" to be sure I understood what you were saying. Trump dumbs his vocabulary down to a level where EVERYONE gets what his point is, and he paints a very black and white mental picture that sticks in their heads. It may seem unintelligent or dumb to some people, but in fact it's BECAUSE he talks like this, repeats words and phrases over and over again, and paints extremely positive or negative (never in the middle) pictures in the minds of people seeing/hearing him, that he's doing so well in the polls and the primaries.
      This is his persuasion skills being put to use, and people aren't even aware (for the most part) that he's doing this all VERY intentionally AND effectively.
      This is the kind of person we need negotiating on behalf of our country. He's all about putting America first and winning.

  • Obviously. Most of us would kill to have a luxurious mane of hair like him...

    • It's flying!!! It's flying!!! 🙉

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  • You just literally lost my trust and accreditation to every article i read from you from now on. I can't believe you actually thought this, especially that i read several decent articles coming from you. There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, and that line makes ALL the difference between being hugely attractive and irresistible to girls to being a complete turn-oFF and disgusting. You should know that.

    If this was intended to be a joke, it's a bad one.

  • LOL, you think Trump is attractive to women?

    Just LOL, I can't even...

    • Of course he is... you do realize that most YOUNG women (and some older) solely go for a guy's money, right?

      Look at all the women he has dated.

    • @EnglishArtsteacher No, we don't go solely for a guy's money. Money plays a part but so do other things, including personality.
      My mom married my dad, who was 30 years older than her, when he was broke and living in a one-room apartment. Why? Because she loved him and his personality.

  • Trump is the epitome of the Rich Old Pervert stereotype. But then blame the women who think he's hot. Oh, wait. They're none. Cause...

  • " *** For the record, voting for Hillary."

    Well no shit Sherlock, were we supposed to believe this was an objective viewpoint? Gtfo.

  • No, the only reason loads of young women are attracted to him is because he's so rich.

    It's a little hard to argue against that fact ;)

  • Oh, good, anther helpful analysis from a picture of an abdominal area.

    This time it's about politics - I'm wondering on what planet you believe Hillary to be more intelligent than Trump. She pays millions in advertising, Trump gets prime air without paying a nickel. Her husband sleeps with underage girls, having raped a few, she represents everything wrong with pro-establishment people who haven't any experience doing anything other than raising money through a scam charity, and it seems thanks to her email scandal this has caught up with her.

    It was lovely reading an appearance-mocking take on Donald Trump, that's very original. Funny, all campaigns have astounding confidence talking about running the American Empire, but Trump's is the only only one where he was cited not having much campaign confidence, bantering with Mika Brzezinski about his numbers before his interview last week.

    I'm not a Trump supporter, but I hope to god he wins because I'm so tired of hearing about him.

  • He's not an idiot you dullard. Idiots dont make billions whilst you sit here typing crap.

    • Idiots make billions all the time, if they're assholes and willing to trample other people to get what they want

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    • @Lovelinefan Everything that Ahgojira said and to add to it

    • @M_A_X I wouldn't want to be in your club, first off. Second, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results... like electing career politicians who are owned by special interest groups and big $$$ donors?
      Sorry, I'm missing your point...

  • Because you obviously haven't noticed, most of the US supports Donald Trump and it's not because he's Donald Trump that has nothing to do with it and it's not really Donald Trump they support it's his message and if you're not supporting him because of his message then you're not on board with the majority of what the US wants which is to get back our country and restore it to what is use to be, our own country. Rather or not Donald Trump means what he says or not it's the message. And also if he doesn't do what he said or doesn't stand for what he's running on then his message is a lie.

  • Trump is smart, successful and wealthy. He can obviously attract women who are a 10 by the thousands and he is married to a women that guys would love to have as a girlfriend or wife.

    He is smarter and more successful than pretty much everyone on this site talking crap about him. He has also outsmarted many smart and successful people in business and now in politics.

    • Yeah he's such a great businessman that he's gone bankrupt four times. Very outstanding

    • @bloodmountain1990 Ugh. Not this argument again.
      HE has not gone bankrupt four times. He has used the bankruptcy laws to the benefit of his companies when that's what made sense, but out of hundreds of deals that have gone extremely well, it would be foolish to expect there never to be deals/businesses that went bad. Anyone with a 100% track record in business has not accomplished anything noteworthy. Shit, I don't think it's possible for someone to start a successful company without failures along the way.
      Failures are what you learn from and make you a stronger business person in the future.

      Trump's on top, those businesses that he used the bankruptcy laws for didn't damage Donald or his company, your argument is weak and shows you have no clue what you're really talking about.

  • I always thought he looked like the frog from flushed away

  • No, he's actually insanely smart. He has an IQ of at least 150, which is over threestandard deviations above the norm.

    So, the correction is that Trump is a genius, and he's attractive to women.

    • Who said he had an IQ of 150? His PR guy? lol

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    • The dude is fucking brilliant and anybody who thinks he isn't is too fucking stupid to know what intelligence and capability look like. Which, in their defense, is most people

    • Psychologists aren't an intelligence test

      @Fierymagus Yeah, it takes a lot of intelligence to take advantage of people, except it really doesn't. It takes more intelligence to make money without it

  • Hahaha your Murica is about to ruin.

  • this is what guys are trying to communicate when they explain that sometimes if a women prefers things like confidence to outside things like looks and money it is not a good thing. it can be extremely shallow to buy into the qualities a man like trump has just because he believes in himself so strongly. this is what makes the man a raging narcissist. but because women are primarily interested in what makes a man a man on the inside, the illusion is that they have the moral superiority.

  • Exactly, he has a go-get-it-done attitude that can't be beat, especially by the current moron in office. We need this man to get this country back up again.

  • Is Trump an idiot? So far he's a guy who has never held public office, but in this primary he's utterly trounced the governor of Ohio, the governor of New Jersey, a BUSH who was a governor of Florida, a neurosurgeon who is both a black guy and an evangelical, and a hispanic Senator from Florida.

    That's a pretty good kill count so far.

    • dude watch CNN for even just one hour... he will contradict himself and his own logic countless times

  • Well I agree he is an idiot and I have a few more words to sum him up him.. but as far as the opposite sex goes.. maybe a duck or bear in heat maybe.. or a disgruntled golfer

  • You're not even right about some of those traits. He does absolutely freak out when people criticize him. Look up "trump small hands" and read the story about him sending hand-written notes decades after receiving a nonsensical insult ("short-fingered vulgarian").

    He really seems like one of the most insecure people in the public sphere. He just overcompensates by being loud and flamboyant. I think most women can pick up on the fact that that confidence is phony.

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