20 Awesome, Non-Traditional Ideas for Date Night

Awesome, non-traditional date night ideas.

Inspired by @smahala1991 enjoy!

1. Go to a bar, pretend you never met, and loudly try out lame pickup lines on each other, and pretend they work.

2. Go to the airport get tickets to the cheapest, soonest departing flight. Stay there for the weekend.

3. Do the lamest tourist thing in your town.

4. Build forts out of blankets and pillows. Wage war with airplanes.

5. Hide and seek in the park.

6. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.

7. Dress up as superheroes and stop one petty crime like jaywalking or littering.

8. Dress to the nines and have a night in.

9. Late night drive for nothing.

10. Go to a major chain bookstore and leave notes inside books for new readers.

11. Go to a restaurant and order dessert first.

12. Test drive a car you have no intention on buying.

13. Go on a search for the highest climbing trees you can find. Get photo evidence.

14. Pretend to to be a newly wed couple and try to get free food.

15. Drive somewhere unknown and get dinner in a city you've never been to, with fake names.

16. Walk around a city at night, find somewhere to eat at dawn and watch the sunrise.

17. Make new rules to old school board games.

18. Marathon an entire season of a show in a day.

19.Go to a restaurant and convince the chef to make you something not on the menu.

20. Go to a coffee shop and write a story, ask other customers for help.

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  • Those all sound very awesome for real! Thanks for the mention too. The superhero idea sounds funny yet inspiring


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  • Good ideas (: lol


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  • Good ideas, and a very good Take indeed :)

  • cool take. and i recently bought a new book. "ship of theseus" and it was filled with notes by two other readers. pretty interesting to read.

  • Did no12 last week. Brand new corvette.

  • I feel like some of them would only work if i was a pedo and my girl was six years old. Apart from that, those are really good ideas!

  • Great ideas. I'm saving this in my bookmarks.

  • These sound actually really cool and fun! haha
    I like this take! Good job :)


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