7 Dating and Relationship Turn-Offs Every Guy on Earth Understands

7 Dating and Relationship Turn-Offs Every Guy on Earth Understands

There are some things girls do that are wonderfully endearing. And most of you girls know exactly what these things are.

But for some reason, a lot of you ladies seem to have no idea what turns men off. Or, if you do, you don't seem to care, and get all upset and offended when we tell you it really is a turn-off. How come women are allowed to tell a guy about things he does that turns her off, but it doesn't work the other way 'round?

Well, whatever. Men and women are different, I know. The point is, here are 7 dating and relationship turn-offs that just about every guy in the world will understand. Even if it's not a terrible turn-off for him personally, he'll get it.

7. When you immediately - and constantly - seek approval from your friends about us

I know women form closer and longer-lasting relationships with their female friends when compared to guy-guy friendships. We all know this, don't we? And obviously, if a man is going to be a big part of a woman's life, he has to gel with her friends. Or, at the very least, he can't be hated by her friends. But what drives us all nuts is when you start to question the relationship, or become suspicious of things we do, just because your friends are sharing their very candid - and sometimes brutal - opinions.

You can think for yourself, can't you?

6. The "mothering" thing...don't do it

I've never understood why women in long-term relationships actually start acting like the guy's mother. Has anyone else noticed this? It's as if the man got younger, is now a child, and the woman treats him like one. She obviously runs the show and in some cases, that's just fine (some guys like that, even if they won't admit it), but it's just plain creepy when you start "mothering" us. There's a big ol' gulf between caring and attentive and getting to the point where I think you're gonna cut my meat for me.

5. No, those little burps aren't cute. They never are

I'm sorry, I know we're all human and everybody makes offensive bodily sounds. And I know it's ridiculous to assume a woman doesn't burp and fart and whatever else. But there is no time when it's not a turn-off - just as I assume it's always a turn-off for women when men do it, right? - and it's never "cute" or funny. I don't know why some girls think we'll be amused. We have every right to be just as disgusted when you do it as when we do it. For the record, I'm almost as disgusted as when other guys do it, so don't start with the sexism talk.

4. Mind Games

This is just a given. It's such a cliche that women play these mind games and men hate them, but like most stereotypes, they're rooted in at least some truth. The bottom line is that lots of females really do like to play these little games and at no point are they appealing. Now, there's a difference between being challenging and just being a manipulative, tricky bitch. An intelligent, challenging woman? Now there's a turn-on (for me, at least). But if you spend your days trying to twist my words, reading negative things into all my actions, etc, I'm just gone.

We're too old for that, aren't we? Leave the games on the playground.

3. This-

And if you haven't seen the entire "Love is Evol" stand-up from this guy, you're missing out.

2. When you keep comparing us to your exes

Now, I'm not talking about when you get into fights and she starts ranting about how her ex was so much better than you, or how she's dated much better guys. I'm actually referring to the times when she paints you in a positive light by comparing your positive traits to what her exes lacked. You know, believe it or not ladies, most of us don't feel any better when you do this. We assume you're with us for a reason and your ex is your ex for a reason.

And bottom line? We just don't want to hear about your exes. Like, not ever.

1. When you're so blatantly bitter, eating a lemon would be a sweet reprieve

Bitterness has to be the #1 turn-off for me, and for many guys. I'm not saying some women don't have the right to be bitter; hell, I know many of you do. But don't shove it in our faces, please. We didn't make you bitter; it's not our fault; someone else (or a bunch of someone elses) made you this way. I can apologize on their behalf but it's the best I can do. Bitterness just is the least attractive trait in a woman for some reason. I think it has something to do with this idea in my head that I think girls should be positive and sunny and cheery. Of course, you can't be that way all the time but there's just nothing more attractive and lovely than a true, happy smile.

You ladies can out-smile any guy any day. So smile more. The bitterness just twists you up and turns you into something that's just...revolting.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Dude, #1 is something YOU boys should actually do more with YOUR friends.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen a guy get manipulated into a position of vulnerability by a woman who was Obvious Trouble... but he was just too in love (or too in lust, ahahahah) to see it for what it was. In EVERY ONE of these cases, the guy's friends saw what was happening... and knew what was happening... and absolutely understood that a train wreck was coming... ***and still kept their mouths shut***.

    This is THE ONE THING about guy-friends and bro's that I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
    They're just TOTALLY UNWILLING to speak up when one of them is with a girl who's obviously got red flags all over the place.
    Why not? Out of... respect for the relationship? LOL I just don't get it.

    Boys need to be MUCH more willing to voice their reservations and misgivings about their friends' choices of partners. There's just been waaayyyy too many cases where I, as the "female bro", have been forced into an awkward situation where I've been the only friend who was willing to point out the 190562984126778491 super-obvious red flags.
    And then of course *I* had to look like the bad guy, because all the other friends were (supposedly) OK with her... aaahhhhh

    I mean, you may think this is a bitchy thing, but, at least girlfriends will SAY SOMETHING.

    • they need to learn on their own initiative.

    • Yeah guys are like that 'you make your own bed' deal is pretty common.

      It's strange because when the wife hammer is coming for him then all of his buddies will stick around and help. In fact, they would lie to cover their buddies tracks even when their guy is obviously diving into trouble waters.

      Guys are like that. They don't take advice and they don't wan to give one. They will fish their buddies out of the hole and cover for them but will not stop them from digging their own holes.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Just me who finds it cute when a girl burps then?

    I always liked it, lol. I like the attitude sort of and that aren't scared to just show the less supposedly "attractive" sides, which in my eyes anyway makes you more attractive. Is kind like being natural sort of. If you always, always have to hide behind make up for example, never daring to show yourself in a natural way, It just makes me feel distant in a way to the one im with, that are so scared to see their flaws. I admire that someone simply dare. So yeah, in my case anyway, I find 5 to be a good thing.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Haha, gas is gas. I don't care If you let it too as long as you're not gross about it. Like if I'm at home and I pass gas and my mom says something about it ima make a joke "well you said you needed gas, I'm just saving you a trip to the gas station. I'm sharing". Or I'll ask her if it was loud enough. That's all because she likes to make a big thing out of it. My thing is just, if you pass gas, say excuse me and we all move on. Unless it stinks... that's a whole different story and you need to move if you know what's coming.

  • When I burp in front of a guy I only laugh because it's awkward and embarrassing not because it's funny. I don't expect him to find it funny or cute. But I like your mytake and I can understand most of what you listed, but number 5 I don't. Like I said women don't think a man is gunna find it cute when she burps, it's a burp. It's not like you can hold it in.

  • And another sorry piece of shit telling women. To smile. Eat a dick.

    But on the plus side pretty interesting take. :)

  • You're ALMOST as disgusted when guys burp, and we're not supposed to "start the sexism talk"?

  • I could understand all but no.2, it's like sneezing, you can't always hold it back..


What Guys Said 9

  • The last one is the most universal.

    If you're always going to be unhappy and bitter then it won't really matter what the other person do and even if they are around you. By dwelling and focusing so much on the past and unhappiness they are throwing away any opportunities or chance at happiness and cannot make the relationship work.

    The relationship and the other person cannot actually make them happy if they are already a bitter and unhappy person and had been feeling that way for a very long time.

    Happiness or unhappiness is within ourselves. If we are unhappy for any reason at all, then a relationship isn't going to fix or change that. In fact I think that a relationship may add even more bitterness or unhappiness or stress, since they may become dependent on their partner for happiness and then when things change and reality kicks in, their partner will leave them because they are still an unhappy person that only dwells on their bitterness and never looks on the bright side or even bother to do something about their unhappiness and address whatever emotional problems or issues that they have that is causing their current bitter and unhappy state. And like you said there are times when things get really difficult and a person's mood is really down. But being severely depressed or chronically depressed can't be fixed or cured merely by just being in a relationship or even dating somebody.

  • I can see where you are coming from but some I disagree with

  • Comparing to exes and badmouthing exes is a MAJOR turnoff. It's like do you wanna date me or your ex?

  • The Christopher Titus reference makes you a gentleman and scholar.

  • I'm perfectly fine with #5.

  • Yeah. Especially 4,2 and 1

  • When you have a sexual past beyond revolting and unexpecting. Please, I said PLEASE find another person who will love you for who you are and not what you've done in the past.

  • Just here for bitter women comments

  • Mind Games are really stupid girls... If a guy likes you, he likes you... Don't do or say stupid things to confuse him or test him, he will just leave you...

    Talking about an ex is a complete no in any relationship, I think every couple has this talk at least once, maybe twice about history but that is just so each other know and will never talk about it again.

    I don't know what you mean by bitterness, I would say more jealously and insecure?

    Honestly, guys will like you if you just be yourself girls!