Why Are There No Good Men Left?

1. Introduction

As I've grown up, I've noticed more and more ladies complain about the state of men these days. No matter the ethnicity, many ladies say that there are a shortage of quality guys out there. Some of these ladies may be exaggerating, but the preponderance with which I hear the claim that guys suck these days is worrying. I believe these claims stem from the fact that women have increased their standards over the years in accordance with their increased independence from men.

Here's why women's standards rose:

2. Back in your grandpa's day, women were not a large part of the workforce.
Why Are There No Good Men Left?

In an age where women could barely find work, finding a man was not an option; it was a necessity. You needed a reliable source of income, and society was too discriminatory to hire females en masse. Therefore, women in my grandma's era would seek out a husband at an early age for financial security (and a little love), and there was less shame in seeking financial security as a motive for a relationship. Getting married was extremely practical for both sexes. Love may have been secondary.

3. Contraceptives allow for more choice.

If you had sex 50 years ago, you took a risk at changing your life forever. There was no Nuva ring or IUDs. Few people took the pill. It was a lot easier for women to get pregnant, and once a lady got pregnant, she was attached to the child's father whether she liked it or not 20 years later. This may still the case today, but much less so. Contraceptives give women the option of planning families and being more choosy about who they want to father their children.

4. Nowadays, women are smarter than men.

Women have been educating themselves more than men ever since they got the legal rights to do so. Hopefully we all agree that having 50% of the population more educated than before is a good thing. Nonetheless, educated people want educated partners, which leads me to my last (and most important) point.

5. Guys have not changed.

Throughout all of this advancement for ladies, men stayed the same (more or less). Men continued to work as they always had, and men continued to educate themselves as they always had. In fact, the percentage of college graduates actually rose 19% for men over ~40 years. Still, society has taken away women's legal, economic and biological obstacles to such a degree that women easily caught up to and overtook men in terms of their personal achievements. Correspondingly, I believe that women expected men to improve as a sex the same way women were, in terms of their achievements.

Additionally, I believe that women became less impressed with men's achievements as they were able to achieve the same feats themselves. Living alone and paying your own bills is not a big deal to a woman now (as I don't think it should be), but in your grandma's day, simply being self-sufficient as a lady was impressive. Nowadays most people of both sexes are self-sufficient (which is arguably a good thing), so we're looking for more, and some men just don't have anything more to offer other than their personality and stability. Should men step up and try to achieve more? Sure. Will they? No. Men would rather start an entire movement about going their own way and shunning sex altogether then live up to standards that go beyond their own self-sufficiency.

6. Conclusion

Theoretically, modern women have just as much education, money and sexual freedom as modern men. Therefore, many of them are not impressed with modern men. They are looking for someone who can impress them beyond the practical. The greater emphasis on love and compatibility in relationships nowadays testifies to this fact. Many men simply do not want to live up to the standards some women set for them and would rather force the entire sex's hand by abstaining from relationships altogether in order to make some of them compromise their standards. In short, the bar has raised, and instead of expending all of our energy to clear the bar, we're talking to the refs to get the bar lowered. This, my friends, is the state of modern dating.


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  • Why are there no good people left in general?
    People get killed by animals and wanna press charges on the parents but when another animal dies to keep the kid safe people rally for the parents and people are letting rapists off with a very small punishment and people are defending pedohpiles...

  • Because they're all gay now :(
    Lol jk.
    There are still good men. They're just more uncommon.

  • Well in my opinion the good ones are taken

  • i dont think men were better when women were forcibly keep out of society.. by men. that is completely illogical. its like saying men were better during legal slavery bc thy knew how o take charge.

  • There are good men left. Women needs to stop destroying them. Both parties needs to stop manipulating each other. Men needs to be in their children's lives and build families. Women needs to stop destroying them. Men needs to be the HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD, Women better learn to love and respect their husbands more. Men needs to honor and love their wives as wives needs to honor and love her husband. Both needs to be better judgmental of character, both needs better discernment of who is right for them instead of focusing how good the sex was and get duped into marrying a deceiver, a liar and a cheater. Your sons and daughters are going to take after you and observe your relationship. And if you don't start training them early on how to respect themselves, other people and how to be spouse, your dooming them for failure. Contraceptives gives you false security. No body is out of the woods. You can still catch disease and still get pregnant even if done right. Women are NOT smarter then man. In fact, women today lack so much judgement that they lead their men to failure instead of working together with him and being what she is called in this life to do: be a HELP Mate, not a criticizer and cutting down a man to be feminized then divorce him for his assets because she made him into another her instead of him being a man. Both do dumb things and no gender is better then the other. That's right, as a woman, I said it. Respect a man and he will respect YOU.

    • There are good men... Wait.. Ok.. Okay? Damn. Fine! You took everything I was about to text. Man woman like you are needed in this world. This stuff is 10,000% truth.

  • It's pratically the same graduation for men and women no big difference...

    • not true at all.

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    • Opinion Owner, no not every date. She should understand that you are not "made of money". If she doesn't understand how expensive it is to date, cut your losses and move on.

    • @MagiAlphaOne Date is no expensive at all... You can go to cine for exemple it cost nothing.

  • I like men better than women it seems as quality women have become a minority.

    • Aren't there more women that talk smack about their friends behind their back than males do?

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    • @JuicyBrain I never said guys were angels. Most people in general are assholes. I am just saying there are far more women that are entitled because society spoils them too much.

    • @steven7890789
      OK. I can agree with that.

  • Well as the years go by, i realize that there aren't many good men around. I wish i was back in uni. I rejected many good guys. Even now i do feel that i was too harsh on guys, in a way i blame myself and society. I was always taught to be independent and strive for the best and i do have my own career, house, friends, but i still come home to an empty house and its hard being alone. My only regret is not giving good guys a chance. I looked for status and that "bad boy persona" in a relationship and it left me with nothing. :'(

    • When I go to a uni I'm definitely going to try to be more receptive to the nice guys but from what I have heard most guys in college do not want anything serious

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    • it ain't got to be nothing special hell you can just talk about the weather

    • I'm 55 years. old with a Daughter (20yrs) in College. She and her girlfriends say that "all the good ones (men) are taken" and that the rest are immature Boys. After going on Campus a few times I found myself agreeing with her! There are too few masculine young Men. My take...

      - Feminisation of Education
      - Boys being raised WITHOUT a Father
      - Men being told that they are "potential rapists" when they arrive on College Campuses
      - False Rape accusations
      - Women set unbelievably high expectations on Men
      - Chivalry and entitlement mentality
      - College Women that are Feminists

  • I think men are BETTER today.(Millennials specifically)
    We are just getting through the transition phase - I really feel for our parents! Must have been tough.
    We now have the potential to unite as equals and who knows how good that will be for our children? To see two STRONG yet loving and respectful role models.
    Its important for us to take advice from our grandparents with successful marriages but to take it with a pinch of salt as the world has changed.
    I am already with the man I plan to marry - so I treat this relationship very differently to how I would with another guy. Respect is something so vital. I have to keep my voice soft, praise but not criticize and trust that he will make the right decisions for our little family.
    I chose him out of all the men I know or could ever meet because he is a millennial (compassionate to those in need and wants me to have a successful career equally to himself) but still understands what it means to be the head and protector of the household.
    I know myself well and this suits me.

    All marriages need this dynamic with roles - but now we have the option that it can happen in same sex marriages and women can be the head.

    [IMG]http://i64. tinypic. com/jihoxj. jpg[/IMG]

  • cs they all went to Cancun to get laid
    true story

    • All the good men are only with the good women ;-)

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    • @MagiAlphaOne what does this has to do with my post?

    • @ManOnFire I was joking and no that s not necessarily true

  • My idea of a good man is simple.

    1. Abstinence of alcoholic beverages or seldom intake of them
    2. No dependence on drugs, illegal or prescription
    3. No prior sexual experience
    4. If sexually experienced, then all sex must occur within marriage, and the former wife must be dead; divorced wives may hint that the previous relationship failed in some way, and that would be judged on a case-by-case basis
    5. No gambling habits or other addictive or compulsive behaviors
    6. No sexual deviances

    • I know a guy for you then; unfortunately he's ten years old.

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    • Thanks. Its hard to find anyone really worth my time now days (men in your case), especially one with personality and are unique. And by that I mean someone who hasn't fallen for all of the current pop culture BS or what is pushed societaly on young people. Me, like people with an edge, something to them and can be themselves even if they are alone.

    • @JRH1991 Don't worry. You'll find someone eventually. The wild party lifestyle is not sustainable, and the people will eventually come to their senses and reason that the steady, working life is best.

  • There are plenty of good men left. Women who say that should be booed outta here.

    • Exactly, it is just that most women who say that go after the wrong guys.

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    • Many Women pursue the bad boy/jerk types and bypass the nice guy/good guy. These Women get used up by the bad boys and discarded. Only after this has happened a few times do they wake up (if ever). They then realize that there are good guys that were in her life. Now, those good guys are gone or no longer interested in her. What guy wants a Woman with a history of of sleeping around with multiple Men?

    • Internet fallacy.

      Nice guys and nice girls meet and have nice relationships every day. If the guy is chasing chicks with "bad boys" he needs to examine what is drawing him to women. Bad bitches like bad men.

  • There are plenty of good men out there but us girls always set the bar too high with impossible standards that no man could ever meet. We forget in our search for a high quality man too take a good hard look at our own quality and what we have to offer other than maybe physical appearance, we might fall short for the standards of the high quality guys we want. We often essentially want a man who is better than us but maybe those guys want better than us.

    • You get that not all guys want to take advantage of a hot retard?

    • Its time for Men to start expecting higher standards of Women... just like the Women do. My advice...

      - STOP the Chivalry. We are Adults. Everyone can pay for their own meal.
      - ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO LET HER GO AND SEE HER LEAVE. Men do not have to put up with bad behaviour of Women
      - If she cannot take NO from you, let her go
      - Have self respect. Don't let her walk all over you

    • @MagiAlphaOne A lot of guys are already doing this and consequently are the ones that actually get the girls, its called self respect and its an attractive quality.

  • It's so weird when I see MyTakes on the dating world. Being a young woman, who has only dated 3 people, it's hard to realize that there are people out there who have probably been on 30 first dates by the time their 29.

    It's also hard to really relate to MyTakes like this. I have a boyfriend, we're talking marriage, and hopefully (I'm thinking) I'll never have to date again.

    I see how your words definitely make sense regarding education and working, those are the facts. I dunno, for me though, I don't agree with there not being any good men left. I just don't see the world that way. So, it's hard to really know what to do with a mytake like this, all the opinions.

    I asked my mom and she said she didn't agree with that saying either. It's not that we both want traditional men and date in that sphere. I'm pretty progressive. Hmm.

    • Yeah, I should've used the phrase "some women" instead of "women." My language gives the false impression that I think all or most women think this way. My bad :-/

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    • I don't understand where those women are coming from either, I think it's 90% their unsuccessful romantic adventures. Because coming from a satisfied woman, guys are all individuals and some are really the absolute best :)

    • Never say never

  • This site is getting ridiculous. If everyone would get off of the Internet & actually engage in real life, they would see the real world is not like this. Everyday I see one of my friends from college is getting married.

    • All those trees in front of you must present an excellent picture of the forest.

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    • One of the BIGGEST complaints from Men is that Western Women are stuck with their noses in their Phones. Women, during a date, PUT THE PHONE DOWN! OR BETTER, TURN IT OFF.

  • I took one off the market a little over a week ago. Scott & I got married!

  • I personally think men have gotten better so no complaints here.

  • Interesting Take. I know "good" is defined differently from person to person. There are some good men out there, but I get what you are saying if you are looking at the bigger picture.

  • I think the clincher here is guys have not changed. They have but not positively.

    The world has changed. The women used to stay at home, run the home and the children and did the cooking and cleaning. Nowadays, it's not possible for most people to have only one income, and to except your woman to work all day and then look after your home and your dinner and your shopping too? That's more than her fair share. Some men like to hold onto those old values because it means less work.

    This is why women complain.

    I consider myself to be pretty open minded but also, I appreciate traditional values.

    For the entirety of our relationship, I've never been able to financially help my boyfriend. Instead, I cooked and cleaned for him and I didn't even live there. But what made me open my eyes was our first date.
    I was used to men wanted to shag me and nothing more.
    But my boyfriend invited me over, cooked me a steak dinner and we stayed up until 2am. He walked me to my car. I appreciated the fact he held traditional values as well. He respected me.

    My point is men have changed to believe that casual sex is awesome, girlfriends change with every day, and hey I work you clean it's the woman's role (note SOME MEN!!!). Respect in the modern world has been lost.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is men have changed. But not to work with the changes happening.

    • Don't lump all men into what you are saying women complain about because I know lots and lots of men that do their fair share of work every single day. I have seen women these days turn for the worst as well with things they now do to men that really just sucks and also seen just as many lazy women. This will probably surprise you in other countries around the world men do have more casual sex than women but in my country women have 3 times more casual sex than the men do. I think respect has been lost from men to women and but also there are a lot of women that just have no respect for men either. Women have also changed as well. All I am saying is while you say men may have changed women also have and also not for the better. I am not saying women should stay at home and cook. I am not meaning it in that way. I meaning all the innocent men that are good men that have been treated like total shit by women. I guess what I am saying is this is a two way street.

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    • That is the arrangement me and my partner have. I cook because he doesn't like to and I love it, he cleans up.

      I would like to say we share housework, but generally I do more because I'm much faster. When we lived in a flat together, the time it took for him to clean the bedroom I could clean the kitchen, bathroom and half the living room. Previous jobs have made me very fast.

    • Yeah, I use to have a woman friend and her flat would always have piles of unwashed dishes in the sink and on the bench. There would be water in the sink from running the tap not from washing the dishes and soaking wet tea towels in the water. However, to be fair to her she was suffering depression so I should not judge too much.

  • So, what your saying is men are too lazy to evolve just as women have? I think thats pretty freaking sad. Women no longer depend on a man money. But that means you need to bring other things to the plate like can you build something? Can you cook? are you emotionally intelligent. Really if women can change so can men.

    • Women didn't evolve as much as their restraints were released. Men never had any restraints (legally, biologically, etc.). They had the maximum amount of liberty society could provide. Therefore, women's relative progression over the years has superseded men's in leaps and bounds.

      Men have been building things, empathizing and cooking for centuries. I'm not implying that men can't do those things. I'm saying that having those traits are more heavily emphasized in modern relationships because women can take over tasks that were traditionally male-orientated.

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    • @dudeman tailored to women? Ok. Bro

    • we now live in a gynocentric matriarchy and have been for the last forty-fifty years.

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  • You raise some good points but there are a few things I would point out. First, you seem to be assuming that by having a career and being independent, women somehow gain sexual value. I disagree. Not in principle, but by observation. The truth of the matter is that most men do not seem to care about whether or not a woman is educated or how much money she has. In fact, why do you think so many older men go for younger women? It is precisely because they are not as independent and wealthy as women their own age. Instead men want physical beauty and a willingness to adhere to traditional roles of femininity at least to a reasonable extent.

    Therefore when you state that men do not want to raise their own value, I have to make a correction. You say it as if it implies that men are lazy and that the value of women has gone up. Rather, in the eyes of men, the value of women has gone DOWN, thus there really is no incentive to better themselves unless women start returning to traditional gender roles.

    • AGREED. Men want physical beauty, feminiity and youth. Youth in particular if he wants to have children. If he wants a traditional family, the Wife should be in her early to mid 20s. It is simply better to have children early. Finances are also important. If she went to College, she may have Student Debts. Financial problems are still a leading cause of Divorce. Expect to spend ~$250,000 /child over 18 years. to raise them. Thats $1157/month!

  • "Women are smarter than men."
    If you count spending 45 or 60k to go to college and get a masters in English smarter... okay. I interviewed at a local university, the woman who interviewed me was about 29... very nice lady. Masters in Anthropology, did time at the British Museum. Currently was working in Admin for $16 an hour.

    • Women think there so intelligent because they have a degree. like my self am studying for a degree but that does not mean am any better than a person who is working at a supermarket if I don't land the job I want. Students like me are gonna end up in debt when we leave university...

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    • @MagiAlphaOne Yeah but only because feminism is pushing women further in to higher education rather than men. After all feminism is about mass privilege which only focuses and favors women by providing special treatments or requirements in supporting the female gender. Reasons why universities demand more female pupils than men because women have support men don't and these days men are being raised by single mothers who have no role model to be guided and usually turn to crime or low paid jobs according to statistics.

    • @Indigo91 , WELL SAID about Feminism and College. I'll add this... if a Man dates a recent College graduate, he better find out about her Financial situation. You don't want to get involved with someone with a lot of debt.

  • Nah, not really. Women today are having more casual sex than they ever have, so their standards aren't that high. And their relationships are still failing at a higher rate - I think - than mens'. Education and careers only make you smart for what you studied, not based on average life intelligence.

    • I know right. I see girls who are dental hygienists and nurses dating dudes with no jobs so I don't think it matters too much. My next door neighbor is always fighting with her boyfriend and all he ever does is stay at the house so I don't really think it's because an unavailable.

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    • @CancerianMan81 you do not matter to me

    • @ikissedtheskyonce I don't care if you do you want to know why cause your one less problem I have to deal with

  • "Men would rather start an entire movement about going their own way and shunning sex altogether then live up to standards that go beyond their own self-sufficiency."

    And that is bad... how exactly? I mean, unless I mistook your point, your argument is that, since women can now achieve much of the same things men can, men have to achieve MORE. Dafuq? Or how about women stop having high expectations? What about that?

    I mean, if I get an apartment, she gets an apartment, I get a car, she gets a car BUT she still expects me to have MORE? Screw that bitch then. Be real.

  • Lol I know for a fact that's not at all true, I know tons of great guys.

    Also men and women have the same base intelligence really the only discernible difference is that men do better with singular tasks while women are more suited for multitasking in general and we're wired to think differently and approach problems differently but women aren't smarter then us and we're not smarter then them.

    Not really a good mytake and your incorrect on several things.

    • Intelligence varies from country to country.

    • @JustheretoChill

      All races have pretty much the same baseline intelligence now whether or not they have the schools and money, desire to advance it is another story.

    • Biologically speaking, there are MORE GENIUS Men than GENIUS Women. Also, there are MORE STUPID Men than STUPID Women. On a bell curve, there are generally more Women of average intelligence than Men. For more info, Google on "Sorry, Girls! But The Smartest People In The World Are All Men"

  • So women now are asking the same question men have been asking since forever.
    Thank goodness you ladies caught up.


  • Did you ladies try checking the Friendzone?

  • Why Are There No Good Men Left?
    1) They aren't in the places you're looking.
    2) They aren't what you're looking for.

    Every single girl I know has the things they want in a man on a list somewhere either written down or in their head. The problem then becomes that just like everyone else on this planet you find out that that person doesn't exist, so you compromise. Most girls though aren't willing to budge on some things (appearance for example) and are willing to sacrifice a lot of stuff for a good looking guy who's an ass instead of a better guy who's not hot. You're right though. Your standards are too high. It's good to have an ideal in your head, but Prince Charming isn't real and there are regular guys everywhere who are good guys that you would never speak to let alone date. Be a bit more open-minded.

  • Nah, there are plenty of good men they are VERY common.

    We are only half way through the sexual revolution, women went first and you can see the results. Now it's men's turn to walk away from their traditional gender rolls of helper, builder, protector, provider, defender, and husband to women.

    We will need to develop new norms and this change will be hard for many, the sexist detractors will bitch about things like "no good men left" hoping they can shame men back into their gender rolls.

  • Cause th majority of women are shallow bitches.

  • The good Men are typically taken early (20s). Traditionally, Women usually married in their early 20s as well. Unfortunately, most Women these days pursue going to College first. Then establish their Careers second and then decide to try to find a Husband when they approach 30. Women then find themselves asking "where have all the good men gonie". A Man at 30 years old, and later, finds that his value in the Dating Scene begins to increase. He now has options because he is now established in his Careeer and has resources (HOPEFULLY!). He can now date a younger Women... and get her! The Birth Control Pill has dropped the price of sex for MEN! Now that a Woman does not fear getting pregnant she can have sex freely. For a Man, this is great news! The Woman that chooses to remain a virgin until she gets married will be bypassed by Men. If a Woman says no to sex, the odds are that the next one will.

  • I like your analysis but I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. You should take into account that it is a known fact that men and women have a different distribution across their populations when it comes to the area of intelligence. I can’t remember the name of the study but in my 2010 Psychology 101 textbook, a study was cited that showed women have a more even distribution of intelligence (meaning more women are of average intelligence) then men. However, more men were of high level of intelligence then women, and on the opposite side more men were of below average intelligence then women. This means that on average men and women come out to be at around the same level of intelligence but that doesn’t mean men and women will also come out the same academically. Luckily academic success is far from an end all be all barometer for success so my conclusion is that men are more independent and like to strike out on their own, away from the academic realm. I think its just men being men and women being home, which is what men and women should be doing, following their nature.

  • Why does it matter? most of the articles on this site are about good guys being worthless to women.. lol

  • Many women are just so spoiled and entitled in their attitudes that they lose track of reality! If a man is a genuine, actual good person in thought, word and deed, many women automatically consider him to be DOG CRAP! It's the truth! Men learn that they are far more successful with women when they are more pushy, more aggressive and more uncaring! Scum-of-the-earth "thug" characters are never without women! Yet, genuine, actual good men are frequently shunned! It's a very simple issue of supply and demand!

    Women en masse have been going through their prime youth years accepting only some kind of "bad boy", "jerk", "jackass" or "thug" variant! Then SUDDENLY, after 15 years of screwing "douche bag" characters who only saw them as disposable cum dumpsters... SUDDENLY, when they reach their 30s and less men are interested... SUDDENLY, when the end of their child bearing years is approaching... SUDDENLY, they dare to ask: "Why are there no good men left?" Today's women are liberated, independent and highly discriminating in their choices!

    Obviously, all women are not the same! But many women are indeed the same in following the described pattern of "jerks" in their prime youth years and only looking for a "good" man when they face the wall of middle age! Many women do not seem to realize that their choices in dating and sex have a powerful effect on the behaviour of men! Men have been trying their hardest to be what women will accept! So now, many men are just what women taught them to be!

  • I swear everyone is horribly pessimistic. I've yet to meet someone I outright hate. There are a few people who I don't particularly like, but mostly they're at least trying to be good people.
    The majority of people I've met are decent people though- it's rare to find people that are jsut complete dicks

  • Good men are around problem is they are always overlooked by jerks

  • the real reason there are no good guys is that also some women would rather have the baby without the father attached.

    or put him in a friendzone. because they dont like him. so no one else can have him either. so they go on the internet and moan about how their life sucks

    or put him in a FB or friends with benefits relationship. of which its all the fun stuff without the relationship crap getting in the way...

    or have been burned by PUA's and PLAYAZ so all men are tarred with the same brush.

    • GOOSEBOY 78. Why have the Father around? You can take him to Court and get Child Support. The Mother can also get the Government to be the substitute Father.

    • @MagiAlphaOne because every child deserves the father in their lives. boys can be like him, and do guy stuff with him. and girls learn how a man should treat his lady. a father is a job for life and not just a paycheck for 18 years. because no matter how old your child is they will always be your little boy/girl

  • I'm a good guy.

    I'm good looking, muscular, have a good sense of humour, and highly intelligent, I'm an artist and animator, I love pleasing women, I would never have children with a woman unless I was certain I will always be there for them.

    I have absolutely no interest in pursuing women whatsoever. I have no interest in marriage. I do not want any one of you women. There is nothing you can offer me except for sex, and porn replaces that. That reduces women to a womb. And I would not have children with a woman who is nothing more that a womb.

    Women will never have me. They only have themselves to blame.

  • Great topic and start. men either haven't changed or possible devolved. I've been exposed to some thoughts around this, so will add a few. I agree with @SayYes2Courtney first sentence.

    Emotional - We've always had wars, but we've had a bunch of them in a row in our generations and this time... lost a lot of men. The ones that came back could impact their kids (hopefully positively), the ones that didn't left wounds and gaps in the offspring.

    We transitioned to where the men aren't in community to raise the kids... migration from farm to city jobs.. and dad isn't around to build character in the kids (try bailing hay all day.. going out hunting all week, fishing, teaching trades on the farms, or having your but beat for forgetting to milk the cows. ) So many are on the xBOX even rich kids lack parents as both parents work so much. Basically boys received less training from their fathers and men, and more from our moms... feminine traits or lack of dicipline.

    Who teaches us to be a man, to persevere, build character and courage? Some of us didn't get what we needed... and were stunted in ability to handle... emotionally... a woman (they have their own issues and are more emotional beings). I see so many men who don't understand women and can't handle them emotionally... and the relationships crumble or stall out. The woman are frustrated.

    Dis integration of marriages hasn't helped... that leaves its own emotional bagged with offpsring... male and female.

    Soft skills like computers may have impacted how men develop. Not positive about that, but it is quite a bit different than the manual work men used to do, in teams.

    There was a series on this topic, don't recall the name of it at the moment... there's a lot more to it.

    Bottom line, men need to work at developing men. We historically... build each other up (combat, competition, working together on projects, etc..). We need training to motivate boys to become men. Or else the women and offspring will suffer...

  • Little truth to this! A lot of women have high standards, not all but some. With all this feminist shit going around women stand up more to men and shut them down. The media is fucking both men and women making life an illusion expecting us to be the perfect humans that we are not.

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