It's Time to Play: Dump Her, Bro!

(This can also apply to gay guys too! So Dump him bro!)

Men, I am talking to you! I am going to list a few reasons why you should Dump her bro, especially if you are in the early stages of dating. In your comments list your reasons why you should Dump her too.

She calls your mom mother and you have not been together that long: or she already calling your sister or brother "sister" or "in law" within the first month. What the fuck?!

Dump her bro!

She idolizes people like the Kardashians and Marilyn Monroe:

Please take a moment of silence for all the upset KUWTK and Marilyn fans...

Dump her bro if she still writes and says things like "bae" "af" "goals", still twerks, expects to be with a wealthy guy, yet she has no ambition at all, and depends only on her looks to get her by:

Dump her bro if she still is conflicted with her ex and she has you around, only to float you around like a boat:

Dump her bro if she got a kid that she did not tell you about:

Dump her bro if she goes from one boyfriend to another faster than Taylor Swift does: if she jumping into relationships all the time Dump her bro!

Dump her bro if she says "oh by the way I'm a stripper": Honesty is always the best policy do you want a relationship based off of secrets?


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  • I get why she would hide the fact she has a kid. Single mothers want to be loved too. Same for strippers. I get that guys might not want to be with them and I respect that but I also understand why they would want to hide it. They are people too. Personally I wouldn't mind. I won't raise her children but I can be with her.

  • I dated a girl who had a kid and didn't tell me. I saw her at the grocery store and I said who is this? She was so embarrassed, I heard her little girl say, "Mommy I want my dollie !" I never called her EVER again.

    • That's kinda mean.

    • @mpwilke No it's not. She should have told me. Not that it would have made a difference. But single mothers have to know that most sing men w/o kids don't want them. She snagged some wimpy ass little momma's boy and had two more kids. She had a ring through that poor bastard's nose. He married way higher than he ever could have when she was hot and no kids. And to this day he hates me with a passion. Why I don't know.

  • Damn this shit cracked me up

  • makes sense to me. good mytake.


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