Getting Someone to Fall for You: Compliments

Getting Someone to Fall for You: Compliment Them more Authentically

We've all probably been complimented or have complimented someone at least once in our lives, and many of these may have been cherished, but perhaps it's time to be more genuine. "You're cute" or "I love your eyes" or "Amazing piano skills" are all nice, but don't really SHOWcase what or why you love what you do about a person. Changing the way you compliment people can make a whole lot of a difference.

Let's get started!

Compliment Their Style

Sure, the first thing we might tend to compliment about a person is their eyes or their face or lips, but these are things they didn't necessarily choose. They were most likely born with it. A way to be more genuine might be to compliment their style because it's something they chose. It's authentic and can also be less nerve wracking to do.

Compliment Their Effort

Let's say you see a guy or gal who sings very well and plays an instrument. Don't just be like "Your voice is great" or "that's cool that you play this"; be specific! Compliment what it took to get there like the amount of time, hard work and dedication it took to get there. The same might go for looks even. If someone is slim, compliment the effort it took to get there.

Compliment Their Personality

If someone is kind, show your appreciation by basically glorifying the amazing things they've done. If they're intelligent, compliment their study ethic and specific things that make them intelligent. And remember that traits can be presenting in so many ways. Be creative, genuine and think to yourself "Why?"

The key is to

"Show, Not Tell."

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this very brief take on different ways to compliment people. I'm sure many of these you may have already done, but if you haven't, here are some new things to try!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Tbh, this seems like a good way to get friendzoned if its directed towards a girl or guy that you don't know that well or just met. However, I would do all of these and some, but only if we were already dating and have been for a little bit. I wouldn't just do it to a random girl, that's going to get you friendzoned lol. I feel like first impressions have to be bold, confident, and give off the "I like you and want to know if you feel the same" vibe. That's just my opinion on this mytake. Great for people already in a relationship, not so good for a guy or girl trying to get into one with someone. It might work for some, but I'd still rather be confident and make it known that I like them


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah some asshole got me to eventually 'fall' for him by doin compliments and stuff, he grew on me. Yet the moment I wanted to actually hang with him he became a damn ghost. Really brah


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  • Yep, a ton of sociologists say this exact same thing. If you want to get somebody to like you (in any way), you compliment them (but only sincere, genuine compliments) and make them laugh.

  • Lots of truth in that - Good for all forms of interaction

  • In my experience, the strength of your presence matters more than what you actually say.

    • Perhaps this is true, but this take is more just about the compliments aspect, not necessarily implying it as the most important

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    • @Blonde401 I get the distinct impression you're using my comment as an excuse to bash ghosters.

    • I was merely agreeing with you. I was actually referring to guys who always say the right things but their actions don't match their words. Not ghosters, just guys who don't make enough time for you.

  • Interesting thoughts. Too bad I just go "thank you" and go along my merry way most of the time.

  • it's all a lie... without looks women will laugh in your face while you compliment them.

  • Yeah guys do not do this BS. It just validation and feeding the narcissistic monster of women.

    The way to get women to fall for u is:

    1. Get better looking.
    2. Improve your bank account
    3. Get a good job.

    Women as a gender care mostly about these 3 things. You can show a woman your stellar personality, be nice to her and compliment her and she will still end up going for Chad who typed "Wanna come over to my place to chill and watch netflix?".

    • Yup right she is going to go to Chad because a nice guy is boring for them.

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