How many times have you found yourself asking that question? Every girl has asked at least once. After all, he took your number, talked to you for hours and HE SAID HE WOULD CALL, right?! Well here's why some guys never call...

When you meet a guy for the first time and he lavishes you with attention, what do you honestly think of him? Most women view an overly attentive guy as a "loser" or "desperate" - and men know it! We have more available resources when pursuing a girl than you might think. We have dating sites that offer a wealth of information and that actually train us that "less is more" in the attention department. We are taught that you prefer it when we don't pay too much attention to you. Why? Because it creates more desire and more mystery around us when we appear to ignore you.

When you are left wondering, your interest level sky rockets. Compare Mystery Man to Mr. Speedy Response. You may accept the offer to go out with Mr. Speedy Response but will still have the Mystery Man in the back of your mind.

You go out on a date with Mr. Speedy Response and he seems alright but he calls you every day thereafter. He could be nice or he could be desperate - you have to judge that by his behavior overall.

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When you finally hear from the Mystery Man, you think the suspense is over! But, he doesn't explain why he never called and you know better than to ask. This adds more mystery and prolongs the suspense. When Mystery Man finally takes you out, he does not drool and gush over you prolonging the "Does he like me?" suspense.

If you are used to a guy focusing on you like there is no other woman in his life - or even on the planet - someone who does not fit this pattern will stand out as different.

I'm not saying that it is right for a guy to ignore you but our experience shows that you will actually find him more interesting for that very reason. There are never any absolute truths when it comes to dating but, generally speaking, less is more when it comes to attention and courtship. No matter what women say to us about wanting us to pay attention to them, we know that, deep down, you actually prefer less.

It sounds backwards but ask yourself, "Which guy would you be more attracted to?" and that is usually your answer to why he hasn't called.