3 Things All Girls Need to Know About Guys

1.We Hate Egotistical Women

Seriously, even if you are nice to us, but rude to our friends or someone else, we won't have a good reason to hangout with you (except if we wanna use you). So if you are really looking for a guy to take care of you..then burst your ego (if you have one).

2. We Hate That Annoying Text Message

Okay, we love to talk to girls...but there are some limits that you have to take care of. You can't be annoying us every five mins asking the same dumb question, "What are you doing?" Just wait, leave us alone - we will text you when we are free and that's the time when we are really interested to talk to you.

Bottom Line: Girls, text us only 3-4 times a day, please!

3. We Love Your Smile

I know...its silly! But we take pride in when we're being witty and see a beautiful smile on your ugly face (just kidding...lol). So if you smile around guys, they feel good about you and feel that someone actually listens to them! So grumpy girls....change yourself!

Thank you!!! for wasting your time here. If you don't mind, waste a few minutes more. Please leave a comment or tell me join the discussion :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Is it really true, the part about egoistical women? I feel like boys are attracted to the 'bitches,' because they think they can 'save them' or something.

    But yeah, if a girl already likes the guy and is being a bitch to everyone around him, I'd understand that would be a turnoff..

    • Actually dumb and idiotic men are attracted to those bitches... and its a duh... u dont wanna spend your life with just egoistical guy who can't even stand your joke on him

Most Helpful Guy

  • Allow me to create a better myTake in 10 seconds.

    Three things you need to know about guys:

    1 - We blink.

    2 - We eat.

    3 - We breath.



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What Girls Said 6

  • I am in a strict culture where I am not allowed to text or call a guy first anyways because that would already make me seem desperate. So when we first started to get to know each other again I told him that I don't call or text guys first. Sometimes I feel bad because how can I show him I like him too if he has to do all the communicating?

    • Hey... i understand you... but i never said stop texting us.. i just said dont do it... madly... and for your situation the next time he texts you just tell him that you were gonna text him bcz u missed himm... this will let him know that you like him... after that it depends on him..
      Good luck :)

    • i actually never thought to do that or say that I missed him... Thanks, I will definitely try that next time he texts me :) and i still text him back but only after he has actually texted me first, which makes me think he might not be sure if i like him either.

    • As i said if you type the thing i was gonna text you which actually contradicts the fact that you won't text him first will make him think that you like him... Heeehee

  • "A beautiful smile on your ugly face" so sweet lol

  • I think that goes both ways though?

  • I am guilty of number 2 but I don't know if the guy I like has given up on me yet
    We are not dating so I do not see the point of texting him back. We were dating for 5 months and I think we stopped dating in November. He wouldn't even ask me to be his gf. So at this point I don't know what to do

    • I am sorry to hear that... and also i accidently pressed the downvote... so u haven't texted him for many days? yes then just start a random convo... and dont sound desperate at all... see him as your frnd not your date... if he replies you but doesn't ask anything about you then he is getting irritated by you...
      So good luck.. :)

  • Texting is cool. My past partners and even guys I only hung out with would text me daily.

    • Ya... i too find texting cool but there are limits... u saw the image... that is overcrossing the limits...:)

    • That girl sounded straight up dumb.

    • That girl was dumb or maybe she didn't know wht to talk about after knowing that he is busy... its just the way you see it.. :)

  • Smile... Got it!


What Guys Said 6

  • hahahaha... this post is silly. its sneaky on point. what can i say... we do need those three things. You forgot at add what happens behind closed doors...

  • I don't get the texting thing. Why not text once a day? Why not just not text unless completely necessary? Why waste money on you mobile service provider when you could use Skype... or just talks in person when you meet?

    • Texting is important for... i dont know... people do it cz they feel good about it... whtever..

    • It still makes no sense. It's still a wasted effort - better just use Skype or some other chat.

    • Anyways i use whatsapp not any msgs

  • I like texting. It seems like point 2 may be more 'if a guy thinks you are a complete idiot but is dating you only for your looks, don't say much'. Never been in that situation myself, but that seems more like what the point was.

    • Your lateral thinking is gr8... but sometimes girls act like idiots when they try to text more... and i also added "texting beyond limits".. :)

  • ... I love texting...

    • I didn't say stop texting... but not beyond limits.. tbh i too love texting

  • Need a girl that doesn't play real gs im here hit me up

  • Their smile

    • Yup... u know wht it feels like! ;)

    • Hell yeah lol their smile makes my day