When are women going to start taking more responsibility for dating?

When are women going to start taking more responsibility for dating?

I always try to be fair and understanding to both sexes on this site and I do my best to provide people with unbiased, well thought out answers and advice. I'm not perfect but I do my best to try to avoid blaming or condemning either gender. But there are a few things that I absolutely cannot stand about women and the biggest one is their passive inaction when it comes to finding a date. I warn you that there is some generalizing here, which I usually try to avoid, but I feel like it is necessary to get my point across.

Many women, though not all thankfully, will not ask out a man even if they know a man is interested with absolute certainty and instead come onto this site and whine about the fact that he won't do it or ask how to 'hint to him to' or 'make him' ask her out. And it's absolutely ridiculous and childish. We live in the 21st century and never in the history of the world have women been so empowered to pursue what they want. This pervasive equality is a good thing by any reasonable standard. So why is it that a woman who can have a career and a home and a car cannot muster the courage to ask a man on a freaking date? Why is it that men are supposed to do the initiating and face the rejection every time? When you're job searching, do you passively hint to employers that you need to make more money or that you have too much free time on your hands? Absolutely not, that's an absurd job-hunting strategy. You go out and you find a job that suites your interest and you apply for it and sometimes you get shot down and it sucks.

Now, I get that it's a bit different in the dating world, some women are approached a lot and recieve a lot of male attention. And for them, there is really no need for them to ask a guy out because they already have all the options they need. I say good for them. A smaller number of guys have this too, and I say good for them (and also I'm jealous). For the rest of us, it makes no sense to sit around waiting. I cannot tell you how many men my age get nowhere with women because they do nothing. And that's their own fault. But whenever I see a question from a pretty girl who nobody approaches, or a girl who may get approached but wants a specific man to ask her out, it drives me up the wall. Some people can get away with being passive and they get what they want. Good for them. But they're rare and you are NOT one of them. You are looking for male attention and not receiving it. So how do we solve this problem? You go out and you ask someone you like out on a date. It's that simple. It's the 21st century, it's no longer weird or too forward for a woman to ask a man out. It's not the taboo it once was. And so what if it was? Women got to this point of great relative equality by challenging taboos.

I recently posted an anonymous question pretending to be a man who wanted to know how to hint to a woman to ask him out. I'll post it right here for you. The results were fairly predictable, almost everyone thought the guy should suck it up and ask the woman out. There was noticable pity and confusion as to why he was so passive when it made so much sense to just ask her out himself. Most people did not see the irony of the question, and gave their unbiased opinion: that he was being a wuss and was being foolish for risking missing out on a great person over something so stupid as wanting the OTHER interested party to ask them out. Women do this very often, and it is just as pathetic and entitled as if a man did it.

Last time I checked, women have mouths, brains, crushes and legs. As these are the major pre-requisites for asking someone out, you would expect that it would happen more often. But it doesn't. Instead, women treat themselves like children who cannot face their fears and instead wait for someone else (a man) to come by and do what they are too timid to do themselves. Stop selling yourselves short, stop restricting your dating pool to only the men who asked you out. Stop letting yourself believe that asking someone out on a date is a 'mans job'. Stop letting yourself be lonely when you think your crush is interested but he hasn't asked you out yet. Start treating yourselves less like girls and more like women. I know that asking out a guy is intimidating. Asking out a girl is intimidating! We're all the same in that regard, the difference is that men typically learn to overcome that anxiety and women typically dont. And really it's women who suffer for this more than men. It gives us the power to decide that we're done being lonely, that we're gonna go ask out that girl and if she isn't interested then I'll find another who is. It's empowering and it's exactly what women need. So ask out that guy you've been waiting on forever! And while you're at it, you're having half the fun so pay for half the date.

It's my hope that this inspires at least one woman to ask out the man of their dreams, if I do inspire you to do so please let me know.


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  • Why do some of the guys on here want women to do all the work?

    • I dont. I'm not advocating a role reversal.

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    • This comment is so legit man

    • Why is it legit? Where do I say women should do all the work. I have made a move on plenty of women, and I'm not gonna stop if women start taking a more active approach.

      How is advocating that women do some of the work the same as saying that women should do all the work?

  • I agree. This is why, whenever I see a girl on here asking how to "make a guy ask her out" or how to "drop hints" or whatever (just like you mentioned in your examples) I always ask them "why don't YOU ask him out?"
    You did generalize quite a bit though by basically addressing ALL women even though there are women out there who already ask guys out. But I get your point anyway.

    • Yes, I know I generalized a bit. I did my best to avoid generalizations but at the end of the day I am not perfect and I overlook details.

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    • Wtf is wrong with you?

    • She's a troll, ignore her...

  • When we're actually equal...


    Hhahaha She's got the right idea. =)

    I ask guys out sometimes... so this take isn't really hitting home for me.

    • It's because of people like @I_M_LEGEND and the experiences that @Starfishlover has had that a lot of girls just don't want to approach guys because they realize one of these two things will happen more often than not.
      I'm sorry to break it to you, but if everyone had a bull**** meter, we'd all be in happy relationships.
      Since we don't - we ask out idiots hence making this entire process more difficult and painful for any next person that comes along.

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    • Role reversal with someone whose really inconsiderate too.

    • The reality is that unmarried women are out earning unmarried men.


  • When it comes to me, it's already happened!
    Though he technically asked me out first, I wasn't ready at the time. So a few months later when I became sure that I was definitely interested, I took the initiative. I knew that regardless of how many 'hints' I tried to give, he had already been turned down, and the chances that he'd try again were slim to none.
    We also rotate who grabs the bill most of the time.

    I don't see why he should always grab it. I mean.. we're both students, both working part-time jobs. Relatively similar financial situations, I find it makes me feel almost uncomfortable if he pays every single time; as if I'm incapable or something.

    • Yes, asking out a woman who has already turned you down feels like a waste of time to most guys so you were smart to ask him out the second time. Whenever I've asked a girl out a second time I got the same no that I got the first time.

    • yeah, makes sense. That's exactly why, when I was sure that I was ready, I decided to step up to the plate. I'm not saying he should have tried again in any way..
      No one wants to set themselves up for rejection twice in a row haha.

    • ^_^ I like you. Youra good woman. I hope I can find a girl like this. cept witout the rejection lol

  • Let me tell you something, Sir. I have done my fair share of asking out. WHenever I do, the boys turn their noses up at me and think they are so darn awesome.

    • I'm sorry you asked out assholes?

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    • I have had a lot of rejections haha

    • @starfishlover I saw your comment about having lots of rejections last night and it stuck in my head. It moves away from topic of take but my primary emotion is I felt sorry for these guys. I feel they have missed the chance to meet a young woman who is very beautiful on the outside but as you get to know her you realise she is gorgeous on the inside. She is strong, independent, forthright but also has a soft and vulnerable side - A warrior princess with big warm heart. She is very intelligent, often hilarious but can be insightful as well - Never fails to engage me when we have conversation - My thoughts to the young men of Australia, guys your loss, you would kick yourself if you realised what you missed in not trying to get to know this wonderful young woman.

  • I think why most women don't do it is because nobody told them they could. Sometimes people will wait for others to come out and say,"yes you can do that."But I see waiting for anyone to tell you being to polite where it's kind of stupid.

    Majority of the dudes I dated. I was the one who asked them out and straight up told them I liked them. Also most of the dates I went on I payed for everything. I think of it like this. I hate waiting and I'm not just going to sit by and see if someone ask me out or stuff. I don't care who does the asking or paying. I honestly don't like guys to spend money on me. It makes me feel like I'm getting into debt and I don't like that feeling at all.

    • Well I view it as something both parties should pay half of but I don't think many men will be complaining about you. I agree that many women probably just don't know that it's okay, but I hope that changes.

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    • i definitely wouldn't date you... a guy that doesn't pay on a first date is a no-go, even though I always offer to pay. I would pay the next time or bring him a gift to make it more equal... i dont expect to get sex for that either ;)

    • If you offer to pay then you have no right to think less of him for taking you up on that. Talk about disingenuous. I do typically pay for a first date if she doesn't offer to pay half because it's not something I consider to be worth ruining a good date over, and as a guy I can't really change that tradition only women can change that one, but my opinion is that both parties should pay.

  • Im not gonna ask a guy out. Nope not gonna do it. guys ask out the women they wanna ask out. so as a woman, if your not getting attention from guys and getting asked out, then obviously the guys around you don't wanna date you. so whats sense would it make for an unwanted woman to throw herself at men who aren't really into her? it might make it easier for guys to get easy pussy but it sure won't be helpful to a woman who isn't looking to be used for a placeholder until a guy gets the girl he really wants.

    • It would actually make very good sense for you, because it would mean that you did the choosing. If you make the move, you can start with the most attractive person in your vicinity, and work your way down the list. If you sit around and wait, you're left with the best person that asks you out. See? It's simple science, and you can check out this article, if you doubt it:


      I think I've finally matured enough to stop blaming women for being passive in this area, because I recognize that you do what you feel you need to do, and I need to do the same myself. But all I'm saying is that you would probably get a better selection of guys if you made the move.

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    • Manyguys have been hurt, many are just shy.. just like you girls...

    • Hows it easy pussy? She still decides when shegives pussy...

  • When they lose their pride and stop acting so passive.

  • I have asked out two guys so this will be quite hypocrite of me to say
    I believe it's the guy's job in being aggressive and trust me girls do a lot of things for guys when they're in relationship.
    There are either manyreasons why girl won't ask a guy out
    a. Fear of rejection
    b. If the guy turns out to be a jerk, the more painful the breakup is for girls than guys
    c. Most of the time the guy they like are already in relationship
    Also it's being scientifically proven girls are more emotional than guys biologically and because of societal pressures too.
    Thus if a girl likes a guy, she will drop hints. I don't see why guys are mad at girls not asking them out? maybe you should take the effort instead of complaining?

    • I have no problem making a move on a girl, I probably made a move on half a dozen girls in 2015. I'm not advocating a role reversal here, I'm advocating that women step up. Your logic is completely ridiculous in my opinion. You're more likely to get a jerks just waiting around because those are the guys with the 'confidence' generally. They don't care about a girls feelings which is what makes it so easy for them to play the numbers game.

      Guys get angry about this because they are the ones who have to put in all the work to get anywhere.

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    • Well hmm I think I have changed my perception, I think girls should ask guys out too but the thing is both male and female need to workout in this.. bc there are male who believe it's their job asking out. Whatever I said before is half true for me but yeah I support your idea now

    • I also think both genders should do it. I don't want a reverse of the situation.

      Yes women put more effort into their appearance I won't deny that. I think we need to teach men to take better care of how they look. I do put in an effort but I get what you mean.

  • I promise you that I will take more responsibility as a female for my interactions in the relationship between man and woman. I promise I will. And I will tell you exactly when I will take that responsibility. When guys stop farting on their first date with me.

  • Girls/women have to do so much anyways. Plus I would like to know he honestly wanted to be with me

    • What do they have to do?

  • I prefer traditional men. The ones who do the courting. Write love letters, send flowers, cuddle me, surprise me, etc (I do things to make him happy too) It makes me feel like woman and I find traditional very romantic.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm financially independent and I treat him well, but I expect the same in return.

    I'm not going to give give give and get nothing back.

    I think Gender roles in a relationship is important to me. As for chores, who ever doesn't work does the chores, if they both work--they split the responsibility or pay someone.

    To each their own though. There is a lid for every pot.

    • Especially for you. Enjoy :)


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    • @ArtDent I don't believe that at all. I think today's man needs to man up.

    • Oh I know that you think that.

  • This is insane. I'm going through this now and this post so happened to post on my phone... Crazy how things work ou t.. I will be taking this information with me in 2016. Thank you and happy new years 😊☺😊

  • After reading this take & people's comments, it all seems to boil down to both men & women are just as nervous and scared of rejection from the opposite sex. I guess both Sexes are similar in some ways after all lol. :)

    • True true true that's why it should be a team effort

    • Yeah i can see what ur saying. :)

  • I agree. Though if it's a crush, it's not because we expect him to do it (unless it's one of those prissy annoying bitches who think they are perfect and everyone loves them) we just don't ask them because we feel like it will fail and make him think you're weird. But girls should ask guys out, it's not the 1800's.

  • I don't ask guys out because the guys that like to GET asked out, aren't my type. They have personality traits that are annoying.

  • Well,
    I'm never going to ask out a man, never. I'm not going to degrade myself like that. If I have to stay single for the rest of my life ( which I doubt) I would not ask out a man. I'm not afraid of rejection, I just think it's wrong for a woman to do that,

    • In what way is it degrading?

    • Look, sweety, there is nothing you can say to change my mind, and it doesn't look like yours will be swayed easily. You'll just have to accept that some females will never ask out a man.
      Have a nice day! :)

    • Whatever, I'll never understand where women get these retarded ideas from.

  • Most women not all, are a lot more sensitive to rejection than men. A man asks a woman out if he finds her attractive. A woman asks a man out usually when she's been crushing on him for months and he simply wouldn't notice it. She makes sure that he's within her league and only then asks him out. It's not about expecting the man to do it. It's more about having the confidence and feeling secure enough to do it even if there's a 90% chance of rejection. There are women who ask men out, these women are either gorgeous or believe that they are and rejection or acceptance isn't going to change that. We're all going to say that there's no such thing as beautiful or ugly. But deep inside a small part of us believes in it. Every time a guy rejects us, all we think is that we're not good enough for them. Very rarely do we think that we're incompatible. Even in movies we rarely see an unattractive woman asking out a handsome man without getting a makeover first. Except in the case of men, all he has to do is muster the courage to do it and voila everything works out. Despite hoping that these things will change, personally, I can't ask a guy out unless it's a date or if I'm paid millions to do it. Total hypocrite.

    • It's just as hard for men. The only difference is we don't have the luxury of being able to sit on the sidelines unless we want to stay single.

    • It's not. Logically yes, these things don't apply. But our society imposes these rules on us. Maybe things will change and they have, but it'll be at least a decade before it's the norm for a woman to ask a man out, pay for the whole date and ask a man to marry her.

  • I'm a shy girl and I like a shy guy. I initiate texts and he replies IMMEDIATELY and keeps the conversation going. However should I always initiate? I text after a couple of weeks.
    Also both if us are shy and he seems to like me too.
    What do I do?
    Too shy to ask anyone out haha

    • It should be close to even ideally. Why not ask him out? Someone's got to do it.

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    • I like it when girls text me. Most play a game and wai days before texting back. I hate it.

    • @OmaiBakaDayo I agree that playing hard to get is silly and a waste of time. Like I said, the guy I like replies immediately so that whole wait and text thing isn't an issue. I don't wait for too long either unless I don't have my phone or am busy. It's just I keep initiating so even tho he replies well, I'm nervous I'll come across as desperate or something. and i'm shy. So its weird.

  • Because many of us (myself included) were brought up with the old school notion that the guy was supposed to ask her out. Now don't get me wrong, as old fashioned as I tend to be I'll even admit that a woman asking a man out is awesome (I envy their confidence) but so many of us are a product of our raising. I'm thirty one years old and just realizing that this is outdated but better to realize it now than never I guess. I've already lost my shot with a guy once because of this and I don't want it to happen again. Good luck.

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  • A lot of women especially in the US want it both ways. They want equality, but if old fashioned status roles are to their BENEFIT, they cling to them like a kid to his favorite blanket. Anything difficult or stressful, hey that's 'men's work.'

    • it's called "I want what benefits me, and i need a good excuse"

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    • @dartmaul15

      it's called having their cake and eating it too

    • And that's why you don't marry an American woman. And they might take at least half of your assets.

  • Women already do ask guys out. They just dont often ask average guys out when they're young because they get asked out so much they can choose between those guys.

    But go ask star high school athletes how often they're being hit on.

    • Being hit on and being asked out are different.

    • Tbh those guys get sex thrown at them under the (correct) assumption it's more likely to be accepted by males.

  • This take is not addressed to me, but I still approve of the message and I like it.

  • I like your piece, but I have to disagree with one fundamental point you've made. Women have not been empowered. Rather, women, and to a lesser extent men too, have been infantilized over the past decades. True empowerment comes only through one's own thought and action, through using and applying one's faculty of reason to sustain and to improve one's life. It doesn't come through hand-outs, the so-called 'empowerment' that feminists have successfully advocated. People are more insecure and more unconfident than they have ever been, and that should be no surprise.

    • I agree that they don't act particularly empowered in dating which is part of the point I'm making, do you mean they aren't acting empowered in a broader sense? If so, I'm curious to hear your perspective, please elaborate.

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    • "Women have not been empowered. Rather, women have been infantilized"

      I don't think most of them mind. If I were infantilized in that way (opposite gender looking out for me, asking me out/flirting often, and wanting to marry me and provide a life for me while I took care of a home) I sure wouldn't complain about it. That's a good life.

    • @labellaprincesa Aww, thanks!

      @koko124 Your scenario is different from the one I described, which was the fake 'independent' woman produced by feminism. The traditional housewife scenario is superior to that, because (a) it's consensual, (b) it's not dishonest, and (c) it is a full-time career when the children are young (though not when the children are older, unless one is home-schooling them). I would say that many modern women don't seem to mind, at least on first glance. But, look at how angry feminists are, and look at how emotionally insecure women in general are these days. This indicates extreme dissatisfaction, perhaps in many cases not consciously since very few people bother to think deeply about their lives. Is Kim Jong-un happy? Obviously not. Everything he gets is through force or charity. He has no achievements. That's an extreme example of the point that I'm illustrating.

  • It will never happen, it goes against their biology.

    This next generation of women are going to be incredibly disappointed in the quality of men in their 'acceptable' mating pool.

    As they become more successful, the pool of men who are more successful than them shrink.

    This is going to be fun watching it play out, especially since they try to marginalize any voice speaking the truth.

  • Women always give the same excuse: "i don't wanna look to demanding/desperate/forward".

    But in my 22 years on this planet, i have never, i repeat NEVER heard any guy say this to a girl. EVER.

  • well that was a great take, but still i will say that things are changing for the better, many girls have proposed me, though most have tried to pass messages through their best friends, my sister or something... but if we wan to change it fast and better , there are somethings men have to change too,
    1.. we sometimes boast about how we got the proposal and rejected it like a man which is quite more embarrassing for girls as the files are recently shifting.
    2.. sometimes when a girl is trying to impress a guy we label them as something or the other.
    3.. we as a society pressurize them a lot about what is right and what is wrong
    these things makes it difficult for them to approach. many times they made me promise that i had not tell anyone about the proposals as they sometimes might fear rejection less than the consequences that would occur, thanks to the society.
    p. s. there are so many sometimes because i wanted to make it clear that they are not generalized views on men, women or society.

  • My guess is when hell freezes over.

    It's a sad state of affairs when girls are in the 21st century with the 18th century mindset

    • They're only backwards when it goes with how they want things to be.

  • Women should either abolish gender roles completely, or do nothing with them. But taking more rights WITHOUT responsibilities is really annoying me.

  • Women? Taking responsibility? Ah, you are making a joke!

  • I let women ask because it makes me feel more desired. When they jerk me around, then I just feel like a toy, and that's not fun.

  • I haven't asked a woman out in 5 months because to be honest I haven't seen one I liked. Women who don't ask men out are afraid of being dissed and dismissed by a man.

  • Women can vote, be educated, be employed and pretty much do everything a man can do but give for some reason can't ask guys out... equal rights my ass... feminists want to have their cake and eat it too.

    Hookers > Feminists. They're independent AND honest.

  • Have you perchance explored the non-gender-binary side to this? Or the non-hetero side?

    Think of the lesbians. Then the gays. Homosexual men are far more active in both terms of sex and dating. Lesbians have a harder time with this.
    What about those of the transexual community?

    There may be a new perspective in these communities worth asking about.

    I am on your side. Women and men should share this responsibility. We get rejected often, but there is a reward to being selective and acting on your attraction. Just remember to tweak your approach and think about who you want to attract. Look at other couples. Avoid always being in your head.

    I use a large mix of things. Dating sites, conventions, facebook, meet ups and blogs to expand my social network and thus my potential dating pool.

    Girls can benefit a lot by being active in their own dating life instead of passive. Men shouldn't be the only ones facing rejection and also the only ones reaping the benefits.

    • but men are not allowed to be as selective as women. often in life i have seen men get with women they don't like and put up with it for for the rest of their life. while men can be selective this is not often and sometimes goes down in flames (cock hold/ divorce). men have learned/been trained to take on responsibility as well punishment for their actions. women have not. when ever a girl commits a selfish act that blows up in her face 1. she doesn't feel comfortable with accepting responsibility for it. 2. everyone pays for it. there are thousands of women out there who are like this and as a result are taxes go to broken homes and children who were born to glue a relationship back together. until women learn to accept responsibility as a woman! And make the right choice s based off of who she is i don't think they need anymore power

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    • im not throwing around blame I was just stating as a straight guy in a straight relationship who is not considered "worthy" by most women i know that the right thing in a lot of cases is not what's on their mind. yah the want to have fun like men do but its a steeper price that in some cases they are not willing to pay. it is feared that giving this power to lesbains will open the back door for other women to use that do not have the best in mind. as men we at least try to keep ourselves in check. what I was saying that even at a basic level women don't seem to do that. they reveal this to us in their basic relationships hence the connection. Because it seem like they do not measure by heart and soul. so how can they tell character. men are by far means worst but we at least clean up after ourselves and try to do better. As a man I am held accountable for a lot of things i did not sign up for but i try to do the right thing.

    • @SomeOtherGuy
      in a lot of cases i don't see women doing the right thing for other people because they do not do the right things for themselves. that is what the relationships they have reflect.

  • All of nature works off of female selection. For a while male humans hijacked this, feminism s a natural correction. Women choose, men audition. They don't even fully understand this and its not done purposely but it happens. Bottom line is, woman can jump between old and new school beliefs as it suits them. Don't be mad, just deal wit it. Men are so confused as to what they're supposed to do that we're literally all over the place... mixed signals to a societal degree have created so many different types of men. It will sort itself out, just approach women when you can and give every woman who approaches you the time of day, if just for a little bit. We have to encourage this.

    • Well I wouldn't say it works that way for 'all' of nature but I can see your point, yes I think it will eventually even out because nature hates dis-equilibrium I'm just hoping it evens out in a more equal way.

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    • Dude... 2 years ago. That's just a lie. Maybe 30 years ago. That's pretty recent too. 2 years ago was 2013 man. Also the gender roles evolved naturally from the differences between men and women and those differences evolved naturally from the distance in hormones between men and women. Balance... not equality is natural. People seem not to realize that there are areas biased toward women too an easy mistake to make because the parts that favored men were mainly economic and therefore easily measurable. There have always been drawbacks to each gender. What you're seeing now is that we have eliminated many of the drawbacks of being a women without eliminating those for being a man... mainly because men are socialized not to talk about them or demonized when they do. I'm not an MRA or anything here but it's the truth. You want to know why women aren't changing... it's because they don't have to. Someone will ask them out even if you dont but men can't continue to act the same old way

    • I meant two hundred, my bad

  • ill be honest. im really just tired of hearing girls constantly complain about how they like a guy but won't ask him out cause they want to wait for him to do it. when you hear about the same guy over and over and over again. it gets old fast.

  • Why would some take responsibility? Too many men are desperate and will do anything to get a girlfriend. In order for women to take more responsibility men will have to demand them to do so. However this will never happen as you have too many men who became feminized and will do anything to not hold them responsible. Maybe in another life men and women would actually act like adults and have a bit more common sense but not in this one.

    • Yes many men are desperate but when you consider that most women dislike desperate men then the argument for more responsibility makes more sense.

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    • @SexyTexas now we're just squabbling with the specifics, being approached only by undesired men isn't much different than not getting approached at all from a practical point of view and would have the same result. So you really didn't disprove my main point. You actually agreed with the point but disagreed with the details.

    • And who raised them to be feminine? The single mothers lol.

  • Chicks need to step it up in this area as well.

  • "women" and "taking responsibility" are like water and oil--they don't mix.

    • Hey, I have an idea! It's called, "Stop Being A Sexist Pig, You Jackass!"
      Have you ever heard of, Single Mothers? Do you know how much responsibility it takes to
      Have a job
      and take care of children?
      and what about periods? those take responsibility too! We need to have money to buy pads/tampons (which are ungodly expensive) we need to always have them with us and we need to keep up with our cycles to know what is happening when.
      and then we ALWAYS have to monitor the way we are dressed in public! Covering too much? You're prude and will never get a date. Covering too little? You're a slut and if you get raped it's your fault. How do we know whats covering too much or too little? We don't.
      and not getting pregnant? yeah that's our responsibility too! WE have to take birth control, WE have to get shots or patches or pills. WE are responsible for safe sex, even though there are plenty of options for guys! Shots, condoms, but it is left up to us,
      But yeah, girls have nooo responsibility.

    • I'm not entirely disagreeing with you @awesomexljr but it's a bit unfair to claim things like pregnancy tampons and periods as taking responsibility because they're related to natural biological processes which men can never have and which women by necessity must take care of.

      I agree with you on the difficulties behind being a single mother (there are single fathers though, btw) and the double standards behind womens dress codes.

      As for birth control, that's a more complicated debate but there are simply far more options for women than there are for men because of your biology. It's hard to blame men for that. Yes men can wear condoms but that's pretty much all we can do on our end barring chemical castration. If you don't make a guy wear them then the burden of birth control falls on you because there's no other options. I know there's a male birth control shot but last I heard it was in trials and wasn't available to the public. I could be wrong on that, if so send a link.

    • LOL I love that.

  • Women can join the military but they fear rejection from some guy.

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