Saw my boyfriend with his ex, not sure if I should bring it up?

For the record, the three of us attend school together so it's not like I caught him hanging out with her. I was just walking to my car when I glanced over and saw the two of them walking and talking, looking pretty chummy. As much as I hate to admit, I am the jealous type. But I pretended I didn't see, hoped he didn't see me, and kept walking. He and I haven't even been together for a month so it's not that my feelings are so strong it's just I'm afraid of looking like an idiot if he gets back with her. They were very serious, and she dumped him. As far as I knew, they were not on good terms. He never talks about her and his younger sister brought her up once at dinner and his mother said "we don't like her, so don't talk about her."

The reason I'm blowing this out of porportion is because this literally just happened to my best friend. She heard from other people that her boyfriend and her ex were on speaking terms again and then all the sudden the douche stopped talking to her and basically only offered an apology. When I told my boyfriend about this he was like "he's a jerk, its best to move on." So hopefully he meant that.

Should I ask him about this? Even though I might sound like a crazy person? Or just ignore it?


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  • dont worry so much about looking like an idiot if he gets back with her... and just because they are talking doesn't mean he has feelings for her. Dont ask him about it, but ask if he still feels anything at all for her; if you are going to ask him anything at all. I wouldn't worry about it though.


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  • As #heyworlditsme said, "just because they are talking doesn't mean he has feelings for her."

    I was friends with my ex for years after we split. Her and I still had a lot to talk about, but there weren't any moments of sexual tension..or temptation. Keep your eyes and mind open.


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  • I think he likes her again or maybe never stopped liking her.

    • What leads you to believe this?

    • You said they looked really close when they were walking together.

    • Yeah they were walking and smiling. He wasn't touching her haha but yeah that did concern me

  • you guys have been away from eachother for like a month, no longer a relationship. im sorry but he might have gotten over you and moved back to his ex. or he's just being friendly. i understand how you feel.

    • well you misunderstood slightly, I meant we haven't even been dating for one month. So I meant our relationship is brand new.