I text back really late. Do guys don't care?

I just hate checking my phone if i got texts and stuff like that so it takes me a long time to text my friends back. Do guys don care? or do they want you to text back faster?


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  • I guess it depends on what the guy thinks of you and how long it takes to respond. If I really liked you, then I'd like you to respond a bit faster. But if we were just friends or I didn't have an attraction to you, it wouldn't really matter how long it took you to respond if at all. I think anything over 3 hours starts to get frustrating. Most guys don't expect instantaneous responses, but taking ridiculously long is bad.


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  • Depends, If I know you are that way then I wouldn't care. If I didn't know that is the way you were I would start to worry or have a million other thoughts going through my head as to why you weren't texting me back.

    It also depends on if I am trying to have a conversation with you or not. I don't want to wait several hours for a reply.

  • Some guys might, I don't.


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