Did I screw up the talk? Or does he not want to be with me?

So last night I slept over at this guys place I've been seeing for 6 months. I decided to go for it and ask if we were exclusive.

I started say hey so been out at the bars and I meet other people and I haven't done anything with them because I don't know where we stand and I don't want to mess anything up with you. I was just wondering where we stood.

He told me that I could do what I want and that he didn't own me. Also that he's not seeing other girls. He asked if was honest with him if I met someone else.

The main reason he says he said this because our future is unclear right now because I'm graduating.

Im worried that I came off that I wanted to see other people. Did I? If so how could I fix this?


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  • You did a bit. I'd read your comments as," I'm getting impatient. There's interest from other guys I'm turning down because I'd like to be with you, so make a decision." I think it's now his decision to make if he wants to be with you or not. You've made things clear. Seeing as he's being so detached, I don't think the signs are all that good.


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  • I think you were clear. But it would reassure him if you told him you have no inclination to hook up with others.

  • Well it's hard to tell exactly how you came off since this is just a summary of your conversation. If he's not seeing other girls and you're not seeing other guys it sounds like things are going well. Why don't you text him and let him know you are really happy that both of you have been exclusive and that you didn't want to come off sounding like you wanted to see other people, because that's not what you want.


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  • Just tell him that you are not going to see anyone else. And that it's your choice to see him only and see where it goes. Cause you are just not interested in anyone else