Would you date a big girl if she qas making an effort to lose weight?

Im trying to lose weight and I have a pretty face.. but I gain weight in my legs, hips and butt.. my stomach is a little bit big but doesn't hang. I have big boobs..



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  • I would date her regardless if she was trying to lose weight or not. Her trying to lose weight will be a plus though.


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  • I would date her but never be her boyfriend until she had reached a desirable weight. It's bad to say that I wouldn't date an overweight girl but I'd like to think that there are bigger girls out there that I would be attracted to.

  • You sound absolutely amazing. Like, wow, my ideal woman.

  • If I was attracted to her, the size wouldn't matter.

    If I wasn't attracted to her, the size wouldn't matter.


What Girls Said 3

  • Your body is beautiful no matter what (: I'm sure your a gorgeous girl, don't change yourself for anyone

    • Thanks.. ii just don't feel good about myself at all.. gyys prefer small girls and im not small

    • Not all guys prefer smaller girls. I was really big in high school and decided to start losing weight but only for myself. It's funny because all the guys that never gave me the time of day in highschool try to hit on me and ask me out since I've lost weight. And I don't give then the time of day. Don't date shallow people. You sound like a beautiful girl and any guy would be lucky to have you (:

    • Ya I hope so.. guys treat me bad and I have self esteem issues.. :(

  • If a guy who is attracted to your personality but wouldn't date you just because you're slightly big, then it's clear that his focus is on the outside and is probably isn't worth your time anyway.

    Make the change to make yourself better, don't do it for ther people.

    • Ya that's true. I've only met 2 guys that actually liked me.