is he worth the wait, or am i delusional to think he'll even make me important enough to be in his top 5?

so I've started this new relationship with my best guy friend, we finally told each other of our interests in each other and were going to start dating everything was going great till reality sunk in and, 5 months later i moved to ottawa and he moved to vancouver we kept in contact the regular sexting and constantly telling each other how much we meant to each other, we made plans to see each other for Christmas while we were both in town but that fell through and now again in April, he says he's just busy for finals and I've already finished mine but im starting to think maybe he's avoiding me and maybe im not important to him. He says i love you, but i dont know if he means it or if i can even hold out any longer for him without knowing if its real or fiction. it's been a year without seeing each other, how hard is to spare 30 min for coffee while we are both in town with a limited time.


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  • Long distance relationships invariably fail, especially when there's no physical intimacy.


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  • If it's important to you, you make time for it. Sorry, seems like you might have to dump this guy.