Do you think she sees this as a date, or just two friends hanging out?

So i asked this girl i liked to dinner, she said yeah, she said she was really keen on doing it (she said it like 2 times). We're going tomorrow night, to this pretty cool restaurant/bistro with an awesome view. I told her i'd pick her up so she could judge my driving, anyway she said she wanted to dress and wear heels and stuff, so i said i'd wear a suit.

We've known each other for about a month, she's in my psychology class and we see eachother once a week on tuesdays, and hang out together after the lecture.

So yeah, this is the first time we are spending time together outside of college, so do you think that she will see this as a real date, or just as 2 friends spending time together?

she does jokingly tease me sometimes, she jokingly called me silly a coupe of weeks ago, and last week she laughed and called me a dork when i left my pen in my other class


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  • It's more than likely she sees it as a date or at least a potential date.


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  • Sounds very date like to me. If your planning on paying then that will solidify it as a date.


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  • Date, pay for the restaurant and you've got here where you want

    • Could someone give me advice too, please? I really need it, it's about a girl and i don't know what to do...

    • You can find the question at my page

  • It's a dinner, you're going to wear a suit, it's obvious she sees it as a date.