Girls: What would you think if your boyfriend had his first kiss with an escort?

Girls: What would you think if your boyfriend had his first kiss with an escort and the escort was the first person he touched


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  • I'd think nothing of it. Just the same way I wouldn't care if he were a ho before me. That's as long as ge wasn't a cheater while being a ho. Who am I to judge his sexual history? I know u wouldn't want him to out mine under a microscope. Everyone has skeletons in their closet.


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  • I'd think less of him tbh. That shows me he never had the patience to wait for the right girl nor saw any significance in waiting which could only mean that he doesn't find it special. Kissing to me is very special and I only share myself with people who mean something to me. Being with someone who isn't the same or doesn't share the same view point probably isn't for me.

  • i would be grossed out. major red flag. i wouldn't date them if i knew about it first. if we were already dating, i would need to ask some serious questions.

    • What if it was because every girl he asked out rejected him. He didn't have sex with the escort he just kissed and touched

    • doesn't matter. rejection is a part of life. everyone has to deal with it.

  • It wouldn't bother me a bit, but what do you mean by 'escort'?


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