Girls do you think there's a way to save us if she's ashamed of me?

I'm going out with a girl from my college and we've become quite close, we study together, hang out, cook. We're together a lot and it feels like a relationship, however, not bf/gf yet.

Whenever we meet people she knows though she lets go of my hand and when we met her sister by accident she said I was Mat from school. If we go out if realized we always go to the cinema the people from our school don't go to.

What do you think her behavior means? Is she really ashamed of me and is there anything I can do or should I tell her if she wants to stop seeing me I'll understand? I'm pretty sad cause I care about her a lot.


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  • Are you with her 24/7?

    • On same days yes. Probably every other day. Well not all the time we don't have every class together.

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    • Ah, i see. You naughty kid. Then i can surely say that there is sexual chemistry boiling between you too.


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  • Hm, good question! I really don't know if she is ashamed of you or just not ready to be officially bf/gf.. If I was you I would ask her straight out why :)

    • I agree, you could tell her how you feel about her and what it is like when she pulls away in public. She might not realize the impact or message that it is sending. Or she may know and either isn't ready to have a relationship or just doesn't want one with you. Either way it would be better to find out before you get to emotionally attached.

  • She might b shy


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  • It is simply because she is not in relationship with you and she doesn't want people to treat you both like couple. Hence that behavior.