What does it mean when a guy constantly ask about your past?

I mean I'm crushing on this guy and he asked first if I had a boyfriend, if I were single then start asking me about my past relationships "have I ever gone through serious relationships before" or " do I only kill time by putting up with guys" and stuffs like that..


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  • Well I'd say Lying was a blunder, Just tell him the truth if you don't want any bigger situation in future. If you don't tell the truth now you could also loose him forever in case truth comes out later on in life. In case you are in for a serious relationship never lie with this kind of guy no matter how big the deal is.

    (Sources: I am one of this kind of Guys)


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  • sounds like he's getting to know you and wants to know about your relationship history.

  • That he's insecure. Don't ask, don't tell other than STD.


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  • I think he's making sure that if he makes a move...a serious move he isn't setting himself up for disaster. If you have feelings for this guy be honest with him because it kinda sounds like he's interested but has his own share of issues. Either that or he's setting you up to date someone else with those kind of issues

    • I dont he is settinb me up with someone else since Im the one who aproached him..
      I've been with someone but I lied and told him I were, I felt ashamed because he has been in two serious relationships and one relationship just to have fun but I felt the need to lie, because he'd probably think im a noob or something so...

    • Iv never been with someone*

    • Well if you want to stand a fighting chance with this guy don't lie to him. Next time you see him tell him the truth and apologise for lying. if he forgives that then you know