Do you like the people your friends/family set you up with?

If you have had friends/family try to set you up with someone did you like the people/person they chose for you?

My family have a tendency to try to set me up with older guys that I have nothing in common with or guys I don't find attractive.

Guy friends are the best because they will introduce you to decent guys.


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  • My family always approves of the women I bring home. And they stay out of my love life they feel I got things covered on my end.

  • I'd never let anyone decide anything when it comes to my love life. Afterall its me who knows myself much better than anyone else in this world.


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  • No.

    My mother sets me up with rich guys that I have nothing in common with.

    My friends sets me up with short and unattractive guys. They don't want me having a hot boyfriend probably.

    I know my taste in guys, they tend to change a lot though as well.

    • Yeah girl friends will set you up with ugly guys that they wouldn't be caught dead with

    • Yepp! Then they would get mad if you think their choice is bad.

  • Thankfully they have never tried to ever set me up with anyone. And if they did , I probably wouldn't like them lol

    • lol I guess most people feel that way