Was I just a rebound? Help please?

Hey everyone !

So I've been dating this guys for almost a month, we met a year ago actually but I never wanted to date him because he was way too shy and not confident and it just turned me off.

He dated a girl for 8 months after we met but she was a gold digger and they (both) broke up a month and a half ago.

2 weeks after they broke up he started talking to me again and he changed and matured a lot since we met, I was happy because he's a very nice guy, and I always told myself I was stupid to not have given him the chance before.

He always liked me, even when he was with his girlfriend he told me he went on my instagram or Facebook to check up on me.
When we started dating he did all these sweet things, buying me little gifts, like for Easter he bought me a stuffed rabbit and a big chocolate egg, he wanted to see me everyday. He introduced me to his mom and all his friends and I really get along with them. We had sex and he said he was crazy about me and so happy that we were together.

But it's been about 5 days since he's been acting really weird, cold, and distant, I know it's stupid but when he texts me he doesn't put any hearts anymore, he doesn't call me the nicknames he used to before, it looks like it's becoming a chore to see me, he's not being affectionate as he was before, and I just feel it inside that something is wrong, but I don't know what I did to make him be like this.
My friends warned me in the beginning they said "be careful, he just came out of a relationship and he might be using you for rebound" I didn't listen to them because he always liked me even before his girlfriend, and he's just very genuine and sincere, but recently I've been starting to wonder maybe they were right, maybe he just needed a distraction, and now he got what he wanted he's over it... I'm confused because I really like him, and I don't know what to do, do you think I am a rebound?

HELP please !
Thank you xx
(by the way we're both 20)


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  • Talk to him! Look the reality is that no mater what I tell you, or what your friends tell you. or really what any one tells you we and you are not psychic. He could be going threw something personal, and doesn't want to worry you, it could just be that he has been in a bad mood lately, or even that he wants to ask you something, but is worried what you might say. Yes there is the relationship rebound possibility, but from what you said, and obviously how long he really did wait for you that seems a little far fetched. So just ask him; yes its hard to ask about something your worried about, but if its just that he's going threw things then you have just gotten rid of a giant weight on your shoulders, and you can help him threw it, and if it is the worst case scenario then at least you know, and you can start moving on rather that be racking your brain trying to find out. Hope this helps you.


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  • you need to talk to him. thats the only way you can put a resolution to these things

  • Well I fear the same, your friends are right about him I guess.

  • i have to agree with others here you were his rebound i'm sorry :(


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  • Your friends are right.
    His Ex could have got back to him and he's suddenly acting cold towards you like he doesn't want anything to do with you anymore.