Why would she just disappear?

I dated this girl for about 8 months. After about 3 months she broke up with me saying she just wanted to be friends. A few days went by and she came back and said she made a mistake. We went out a few times and we said we loved each other. Eventually she started making excuses why she couldn't see me and then just disappeared. About a month later she sent me a text saying she felt terrible about it and wanted to see me again. I fell really hard for this girl so I agreed to see her. She said she goes hot and cold because she is afraid of getting dumped.(not sure I believe that) We started to date again but then eventually she disappeared AGAIN. I was stupid enough to let her back in! If she doesn't want to see me again why doesn't she just tell me? I'm not sure if there is another guy involved. Does anybody have any idea why she would act like this?


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  • She must be a gemini. Lol! We are like that sometimes. Bipolar, don't know what we want but yes she sounds like she has you on the rebound. She's seeing another guy and they are having some problemd and when they are broken up or mad at each other, she comes back to you for comfort and then when things get good again, she disappears. Its selfish and not right but you got to stop letting her treat you like a rebound. Anytime someone keeps comin in and out of your life with no reason usually means your a rebound, just because. She knows your desperate to be with her so she does it. Next time she calls, ignore her. You already know what it is about hon. So don't give in to it no more. She doesn't really want to be with you.


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  • It sounds like she isn't ready to be in a serious relationship. she needs to grow up. if its another guy or not, I say move on. who needs a drama queen in their life?


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  • if she ever contact you or even see you in public just keep going and ignore her. mind games or a rebound BS is the last thing that any girl/guy ask for. you did give her a second chance and she blow it off...