I opened up new OkCupid profile and I'm getting messages from women and a lot of profile views?

Does this seem weird to be happening now? What do you think?


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  • I think when you first join the site your name shows up more and you appear in all the searches.

    • But I'm getting messages from girls and having conversations with them

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    • I would message if they guy was both smart and good looking - or I saw a high match percentage.

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  • That's very strange. Women generally don't message first on dating websites. I suppose the explanation could be that your details are on point (high income, over 6'0'', masculine features, expensive taste) and/or your profile is being promoted on the front page (as determined by an algorithm that factors in details).

    • I wish those were my stats lol

  • did you open a free account only? because if you only did a free one , those messages are only a ploy to get you to upgrade your account to a paying one. what happens is , you can't email or contact anyone with your free account , you have to have a paying account to send emails and messages. so what does the site do? they send emails from "people" that are actually fake accounts and then when you go to read their emails it will either send you to the upgrade page or it will say you have to upgrade to read their emails. its all a ploy to get money from you.

    • I had a long convo with one of the girls that messaged me and she gave me her phone number

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    • @brighteyedash congrats

    • i am going to just stay alone