If your boyfriend/girlfriend got drunk and kissed someone else, is that cheating?

Some friends and I were having a discussion about this. Wanted some more opinions.

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I don't mean a peck. I think a peck would be up for debate, depending on circumstances. I meant french kissing someone else.


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  • When your in a relationship, you have a responsibility.

    & that's to honor that other person with respect.

    Whats needed to do so is self control.

    If getting drunk allows for you to be temporarily outta control, then you should consider not drinking because your chances of disrespecting that other person is bound to happen.

    So by drinking, your saying hey I don't care what happens with my relationship.

    I know this is far fetched, but its completely true. Its true that some have better control over themselves when drunk, but if you know you can't control yourself, then you are forfeited your relationship.


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    • Just so you know, I'm not talking about me. It happened to me, and the girl that my boyfriend at the time said, "It was just a kiss and we were drunk so it wasn't even cheating." That's where this question came from.

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  • yes, it is, because they should know their limits

  • IMO if you make out with somebody it's cheating.

  • In a word.. YES


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  • I never bought into the "I was drunk" crap. No matter how drunk I have ever been I still knew what I was doing.

    • I agree. I hate the "I was drunk" excuse. I think it's BS. A friend of mine though thinks somewhat differently than the normal population. I'm trying to show her, that most people think being drunk is NO excuse.

    • Well I'm glad so far everyone (for the most part) is proving that it is not an excuse

  • I guess I'm the odd one out, but I don't consider one kiss cheating. I call it a mistake. A makeout session on the other hand is most definitely not cool and would be considered cheating.

    • That's what was meant. I didn't mean a peck. I meant french kissing.

  • Yes I don't care what happened cheating is cheating they should be more responsible

  • sure is...hes gotta be more responsible

  • yes it's cheating. if you're in a relationship then you should be mindful of these things and not just think you can act anyway you please and think you can get away with it because you had some lame ass excuse like "i was drunk"

  • Cheater, cheater, cheater.

  • yes and I would dump him no excuses

  • Cheating is Cheating. Kissing someone else while your in a relationship is cheating. Does not matter how drunk you get. I don't think I recall any time that I've been drunk & didn't know what I was doing.. Unless he blacked out and acted a total fool then I would reconsider trying to talk to him and see what really went on.

  • yes!