Do you think girls like guys who remind them of their father?

I've heard this before and always thought it seemed kind of creepy but I do wonder if it's true. My parents recently met my boyfriend and as soon as he was gone they were talking about how he has the thickest brows and eyelashes just like my dad. And now that I think about it I hate when guys have thin brows, it looks so feminine and weird to me. I wonder if this is because my own father has the bushiest eyebrows I've ever seen? I've heard girls like men who also act like their fathers, this is not the case with my boyfriend but I wonder if in many other cases girls seek men who have similar traits to their fathers.


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  • Subconsciously, I think that is a huge motivator for many peoples' attractions. Also, see Oedipus complex.


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  • Girls do. That it your father figure. Your father was the first man into your life. He taught you, You learnt from him. If you dad was a druggie, Badass, always in trouble, Your more tended to like those kind of guys. You might not even no it, But you do.