How long should you date before becoming exclusive especially if they have a dating profile and you are sleeping together?

I've been dating someone for 4 months, known him 6 months. Talk almost every day and text. We are sleeping together. He says he loves everything about me.
He is on a dating site but swears he isn't seeing anyone else. He is 50. Should I walk?

He is always active on the site, even after I leave his house from the weekend, etc. He was on 3 different dating sites. I asked him to take them down he did, but, only 2 sites. He is still active on match.


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  • Just having a dating profile doesn't mean anything. With the sheer amount of msgs your average female gets per day a dude needs to be fairly diligent to actually get anything out of it.

    If you're so worried why not just let him know you want to be exclusive.


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  • Are you really asking this question? Someone you want to be with is lying to you about the fact that he is actively on three dating sites? I have done some stupid shit for girls, and had them walk all over me, but I've never had I continued dating someone who was actively on a dating site while we were together.


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  • I mean, this is just my opinion..but I think if he's sleeping with you he shouldn't be looking elsewhere. You're so much better than that! :) You sound very kind, and if he can't realize what he's got infront of him then it's probably a good idea to NOT be exclusive with someone like that.

    I find it hard to have that "what are we talk?" I mean, I was in a relationship from highschool where exclusivity was implied. I started dating this year after braking up with my last boyfriend. I didn't ahve sex with him until I FELT that I was the only one. We didn't even have the talk. He started calling me 'his girl' and then when I didn't respond (because I thougt he was being genial), he called me his girlfriend. Thigns just sort of progressed. It certainly was a little unclear, but I watched his actions and it wasn't until I sensed that he was TOTALLY just into me.