Someone tell me why my crush won't kiss me already when he shows all of the signs that he want's to kiss me?

I have a crush on a guy. We hung out for a couple weeks and today we hung out for four hours. During those four hours was us just flirting. He lay his head on my lap and kissed my stomach. He also caressed my legs in a soft way that sent chills up my spine. He also would pick me up bridal style and place me on his lap and we would cuddle. When it was time to leave, he gave me a long hug. These events have been happening for a while now. There have been the most perfect moments for him to lean in but he NEVER does. WHY WON'T HE JUST KISS ME ALREADY?


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  • If he shows all the signs why won't you kiss him? He's either trying to take it slow or he's afraid to. So you kiss him to solve your problem.


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  • Yeah that is weird if a girl let me do all that I would have kissed her.


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