Help the girl I love has a boyfriend!?

There was this girl in my year in high school, she was just unbelievable. She was actually perfect, not literally, but to me she was gorgeous ( which she is), kind, intelligent and funny.

We got along great as friends but never got closer. Now we meet at reunions once a year and have a carzy chemistry and end up talking the whole time only with each other.

I never approached her because I never dares to try. I was a coward.

Now she has a long distance bf, who is the first bf she ever had.

I'm not rooting for a break up, if she's happy I'm happy but what do you think the chances are she'll stay with him? How can I continue my friendship with her so she might think of me if their relationship ever ends. by the way this guy kinda looks like me haha ( skinnier but shorter).

Thanks for your help


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  • She has a bf just find another girl don't wait or hope for them to breakup it might or might not happen.


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  • Just cross your fingers. Sorry man... Opportunities pass if ya dont grab em


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  • You had a shot and didn't take it. She's with some other dude now. Accept it and move on.