Does he like me/should I make a move?

A guy I have liked on and off since we were young recently started talking to me, over f.b. He got around to asking me to hang out sometime, I assumed then as friends. We've been talking on and off some since then, normally it is me who initiates the conversation with him, but since I honestly was thinking as friends no issue right? So I asked him to shoot pool with my friend and I and got no response. Didn't phase me but the next day we went to the same event. He purposely made time to walk over and talk to me, and even said he wanted to go but had to get up early that morning and couldn't. Well on to last night we were talking and he said he was beat and was laying down on his couch watching t.v. I told him "ok then have a good one" Not trying to bother someone who is tired lol. He then said "ok but we could cuddle" Threw me for a bit of a loop and well I do like this guy always have to some extent but since this we have not talked. So my question basically is, after this long diatribe, does all this point to him actually liking me? And should I initiate another convo with him and make some kind of move/open the door?


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  • I think he does like you, and ofcourse you can start another convo with him, nothing wrong with that.


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  • Yes make a move

    • I hate the fact right now that after he said what he did last night I am kind of scared/hesitant to talk to never thought I was such a girl as i made the first move on my last ex!