How do I get girls to stop running away after a good start?

2 situations have happened over the last year:

1. Meet girl online dating.. talk for 2 weeks.. hang out.. awesome sex.. talk for another week and really thinking of going further.. all of a sudden, makes up lie about seeing someone else then disappears saying she is confused.

2. Meet through people.. talk for a month.. think of being together.. says she really likes me.. going to go see her and she lies about being sick.. then says she's confused and its all too fast... then disappears.

Like wtf? Haha both really into me now gone. What am I doing?


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  • Maybe you had sex too soon with girl one, an It became mundane afterwards? She either cheated or just wasn't wanting anything more despite saying she did. People can be all talk, no action :/

    2.Total liar- she can't of really liked you that early on, an if she did she wouldn't of disappeared.

    Don't use online, in person meeting someone is best. I'd say your a nice guy and some stupid girls want the jerks still. Find a nice girl, one that's not a lying ass :)


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  • Often I act like I like them a lot cause I don't want to hurt them and they thionk it's all going very well and at the end I'm just like "sorry. Idon't feel it." (always say this on a nice way tho.) So maybe it's that? Or they're indeed seeing someone else.

    • ugh that is honestly the worst thing u can do. I need to put some awareness out there for women about that haha

  • is the sex not as good as u thought it was? if u were really putting it down in bed girls wouldn't be leaving

    • well the second one we didn't have sex -- she is very conservative.. The first she asked for it like 4 times in a day. I think she got freaked out cuz it was so fast - maybe she just wanted a fling? I don't know..

  • Maybe you have an unattractive personality. Most guys seem hot at first glance and they you start dating them and they turn out to be submissive products of feminism. Then girls ditch. =/

    • These were both very submissive girls instead. So many i was too forward and aggressive? I don't know..

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    • Then Im lost again. The second one just asked to slow down and be friends longer first

    • Being dominant and moving too fast can be confused for one another. If she asked to slow down, she wanted to get to know you.
      If a girl wants to choose a man to lead in a relationship with her it's a form of surrender. That's what makes girls become careful and develop people reading skills. She needs to feel lead and taken care of. That means close, comfortable and safe next to you. That takes kindness and time. Nothing more.

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  • i think they both met someone else. that is what it sounds like to me.