Do long distance relationships ever work if they started out long distance?

I met this girl through a friend who lives about 7 hours away from me. We started talking and really like each other. We've been texting and talking for 6-7 months and are now talking about possibly dating.

I'm driving down to see her next week for the first time, and she used to have a long distance relationship before so she's used to the traveling.

I see a lot of articles about how LDR's don't work, but are there ever exceptions? We haven't run out of things to talk about and we've been apart for that long so we're used to being apart and still liking each other and are sexually attracted to each other. She brought up that she wanted to be more than friends a few weeks ago.

Anyone have experience with this? Is it just a matter of effort?

(Again just to reiterate, we live 7 hrs from each other).



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  • I know lots of people who end up in long distance relationships. Their success ultimately comes down to how much the couple 'wants' to be together. I guess I'm of the opinion that if you think there is any chance this girl might be worth dating to find out if she could be 'the one' for you, then you should give it a try. There are no guarantees in life. It might work, it might not. You don't know unless you try.

    My opinion right now might be biased because the guy I was dating just told me that since I'm moving he's dating other girls because he said he would never do distance again. And I think if he cared enough/liked me enough, the distance wouldn't matter.


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  • at your age I think 7 hours a way is a bit much. I think at any age it is hard, to get to really know someone on a deep and intimate level. how well are you going to get to know someone if they live that far away? I say that because how much time are you going to be able to spend with that person. if you are going their for a weekend by the time you get their you are going to be able to spend about 24 hours with that person. I was in a long distance relationship (3 hours away) for about six weeks. after six weeks I moved to another state to be with him. that ended up being a mistake and didn't realize he was a ranging alcoholic and both mentally abusive and physically abusive until I moved in with him. Before I moved he came to visit me in Boston twice and I went to visit him in PA twice. I thought it would be okay to move in with him because we met through friends and we are older and new what we were looking for. we spent at least one hour on the phone every night before we moved in together, but that's not the same as hanging out with the person. I am not saying it can't work I am just saying don't rush into any major relationship with that person.

  • No one can tell you if this will work for sure. I personally don't know about such couple, but who says they don't exist. I suggest you try, otherwise you'll never know and you might never feel like this towards someone again and you'll just wonder what if...

  • They almost never work but that doesn't mean they never work. There's always that one couple that can make it through all odds


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