Why doesn't he text me?

theirs this I guy I like and he likes me 2., but he's got me very confused because I'm the one to always text first, and it takes him really long to reply. then after a few texts he stops replying.. I know that sometimes I text too much so I asked him if it annoyed him and he said no. but why does he never call or text first? I've gone days not texting him to see if he'd text me but he doesn't.


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  • sorry to say it...but he doesn't care. Guys who are truly interested in you will text or call if you dont. If he takes 4 ever to txt you back he might be busy...but if he goes days without texting you...then he simply isn't interested. I say don't text him at all and move on. some guys like to keep girls hanging and guys like that are jerks...move on

  • I think he just might no be into you.