Boys, hey, so I sent him a kiss-y face with lipstick, now what? LOL?

So the guy I like sent me a nice email today which was with compliments for me on certain work things, well I responded in kind. I complimented him on strengths and then said talk to you later and threw in this smiley girl with lipstick kiss.

Was that a big enough hint? Lmao!

Would you realize a woman was flirting and liked you if she sent you one of those?

Nothing yet? C'mon amazing guys here, help me out LOL


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  • I'm assuming he would notice you were flirting. All you can do is wait and see what happens.

    • Thanks, exactly. Well if I don't see a good sign in return over the next few days, I will just move on. I like him and he has been flirty with me in the past, but I don't wanna sit around and wish for something. Just want the real thing with a guy who doesn't drag his feet, tired of guys like that.

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