Why is he not replying to me?

I've been going on dates with this guy for about a couple weeks, we go out and have dinner and he's very sweet to me and we have a great time.. I texted him yesterday asking what he wanted for his birthday and he said , nothing thanks.. then i texted him goodnight and he didn't reply today i text him? and no reply still… this doesn't make sense because it seemed like everything was fine.


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  • Sounds like he could be a great guy and a good one for you but obviously he likes to keep things simple. You go out on dates and have fun and have a great time like you said. When asked what do I want for my birthday I'll usually answer the same, "nothing thanks." You need to be creative and buy something that you think will be special... not something he wants because he can go and buy what he wants. Also, maybe he doesn't like texing all the time because he likes his alone time and much rather talk with you in person. If you say goodnight in person it's not necessary to also say it by text later just before you go to bed. So that's probably why he's not replying to you. That doesn't mean that everything is not fine. You should be able to tell how things are going when you're together. That way you won't have to be worrying if he answered your text fast enough or why didn't he answer it. Good luck!


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  • I definetely think that when you're trying to buy a gift, make sure it comes from the heart. It's not what you give him that matters. It's the thought that count. Also when a guy doesn't text you back, that doesn't always mean that something is wrong. Sometimes it just means that guy might be busy or maybe he didn't have his phone with him. You don't want to go jumping to conclusions