Ladies, if a guy who you're friends with asked you to 'hook him up' with one of your friends, what would you do? *Read more*

Alright, so this girl and I dated for a few months- just going out on dates. Told her how I felt about her, and we continued spending time together. Never made a move because I was so anxious to and she lost interest. At the end of the day, she just did not feel the same way and told me she doesn't want to lead me on, she just doesn't see our relationship progressing past friends and not to please not wait for her to change her mind about dating- told me previously her parents would not appreciate her being in a relationship and to focus on her grades. That's fine. I told her I really appreciated the honesty she gave me and she's the 'best for it' since I've heard stories of how girls lead guys on and all that.

Anyway, She's a really nice girl, at the beginning sex was not on my mind- not really while I was seeing her- so I'm totally fine with being friends with her. The question I have is, she's friends with a girl or two I might be interested in, is it open to ask her to maybe 'put in a good word for me' to them or something to that extent? Is that a normal thing to ask a girl? Not planning to do this until at least next semester, but it's been on my mind.

She was the first girl I've dated and I've learned a lot moving forward and changing myself as a person- becoming more assertive and so on which is awesome.

Thanks for your answers.


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  • NOOO! Do not ask her to put u on to one of her friends. Although you two came to mutual grounds and discarded the relationship, it is still rude and very tacky to ask her to put in a word for you. If she decided to and her friend takes an interest that breaking Girl Code. Girls should not date an ex. That's Rule #1, and if you ask her to do that, she might do it to show that she's over you, but I can guarantee you'll lose her as a friend. If the friend likes you, let her come on to you and you let the situation play out, but you have to consider your ex feelings because she's your friend now.

    • Makes sense, felt it would be different since we 'dated' versus having her as just a platonic female friend to begin with. I'll try to approach the girl who I believe is friends with her, and go from there. Thanks for your opinion :)


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  • I've hooked it before and then the more jealous I became I purposely broke them up :) lol

  • no it's not a 'normal' thing to ask a girl. like it's not a normal thing to ask a bloke either. can't even imagine myself being rejected by a guy, just to get back to him later to ask 'hey would you mind if i dated one of your friends instead'? seriously, what would you think if you were that guy? or one of his friends? makes it look like all you were after was shallow stuff, therefore any other girl will do. even worse, any of her friends, cause you're too lazy to go fish in your own pond, lol.

    • Not that I don't want to fish in my 'own pond', I'm totally fine in searching for girls outside of her social circle. The thing is, I'm just lining up possible prospects. Not gonna lie, I want to pursue that kind of relationship with someone, not just anyone, and just seeing the options and going with it. She has a best friend I met through her when we were hanging out, and another friend I think is friends with her as well, that I see around campus and am also a little interested in. You're right though, I should get to learn these girls on my own instead of her trying to 'set me up with them'- to be honest, that'd be a little awkward looking at the other point of view. Thanks.

  • I would say no. You don't hook up with friends because another friend tells you to.


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