Can somebody explain to me please how to get a gf step by step? How does the whole process work?

Can somebody explain to me please how to get a gf step by step? How does the whole process work?


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  • Okay!

    First thing you need to understand is that women don't just fall out of the sky! Go meet them! I recommend going to a place that suits you, where you'd find a girl who shares the same interests as you, be a fan convention, a bar, the gym or whatever. Getting a girlfriend doesn't happen overnight, either! Socialize with them, get to know them, hang out, become friends! At this point, you may decide you're happy just staying friend with this person, but if you think you're both comfortable with it, after knowing each-other for a while, ask her if she wants to take it a step further!

    Good luck!

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    • ANOTHER person who thinks love is reliant on looks? Listen, the only relationships that exist because of how both partners look is a fake one. It's true, people don't fall in love with your personality at first sight, but that's why you have to be brave enough to take the first step! Go out there, meet people, form relationships! If your appearance bothers you, that's no problem! You can join a gym or exercise group and lose weight. Get fit AND earn confidence at the same time! It will be hard, but if everything worth having came easy, there'd be no point to getting up in the morning, ever. But whatever you do, remember these wise words that were once said to me. "He who searches for love using only his eyes, shall never find it"


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  • Be social, dont be a asshole and dont think too highly of yourself, respect her.


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  • Try to work on social skills. Talk to girls, joke around with them, ask them about things they like. If you like someone, those basic steps should help establish a basic social connection and help see if you share any common interests.

    If you really like someone, and want to get to know them better - suggest they hang out in a social setting (party, group of friends). When you're in that situation try to spend time with them and focus on them, don't overdo it, but gauge their reaction to you.

    Thereafter, if you think she's responsive and interested, take a shot and ask her out on a real date.

    Good luck!

    • Do women reject me cuz I'm fat?