This guy sent me really mixed signals...?

So I met this guy at the end of uni last year, and we chatted all summer holidays. He sometimes called me 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' and I talked to him about some personal stuff before I even talked to my friends about it. When uni started again, he seemed like he was flirting with me occasionally, and I knew he was checking me out at some times (he told me he was). There were times when we wouldn't talk for a few days at a time, then we'd talk a lot. But then at dinner for his housemate's birthday (I'm friends with her), he had his arm around another girl. My friend (his housemate) now says they are practically dating. I was hurt by this, cause it seemed that he was interested in me. I didn't let myself get too involved in it, but it still hurts a bit. I haven't seen him since dinner a couple of weeks ago, so he doesn't know that I'm a bit upset with him.

Am I right to be a bit mad with him over this? Do people think he's sent me mixed signals?


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  • You should be mad because he totally mixed signals. What a manwhore.


What Girls Said 1

  • You are in all your right to be upset with this douche bag. He was interested and flirty with you but sadly he was probably doing the same to other girls. Just move on with your life, and block any contact with him to avoid the hard feelings.