Ladies would you date a guy who never had a date until 24?

I'm a 24 year old student and yeah I've never been on a date.

I was unpopular in HS and it kinda stuck with me. To deal with my sadness I ate and got big. I had a growth spurt and it kinda evened out and I'm 6'4 now and my weight is ok, still a little big but ok. I get told I'm good looking by some people.

I just never had the balls to ask a girl out and I'm wondering if I even have a chance now with the girls from my uni if they find out how pathetic I am.

Would you date a guy who never had a girl therefore is a virgin at everything?

I feel like I have a lot of love to give and I wouldn't need to be taught anything cause I'm a grown man and I know how to keep social relationships so a romantic one would be a challenge but I'd have a game plan.


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  • You've got so many strikes on you it's going to be extremely tough. Girls generally don't like leading much of anything outside of spending money on clothing/shoes/apparel.

    At this point, you can't admit you're THIS inexperienced. Remember, girls generally don't like leading because that is a masculine trait. If she leads, you're a subordinate with no shot. You're a friend at best. Period.

    You can say that you've taken a break for a while to focus on your studies/career (discipline and focus is very masculine and attractive). But to have to count on her to show you the ropes will turn her off. You'll be seen as beta material, not the MAN she wants to LEAD and DOMINATE.

    Be confident. Yes, that's a masculine trait as well. Practice makes perfect. If you fake it enough your mind will start believing it and your actions will soon follow. Think of the positives about yourself because truth be told, there is always an optimistic way of viewing things. So long as you don't let the pain inside show on your face, she'll see you as a STABLE, CONTROLLED, and CONFIDENT man.

    Once you've established your masculine traits and she's into you, let her show weakness. Let her vent about the things that frustrate her, and people that ruffle her feathers. Let her ask stupid questions and give her solid answers without making her feel dumb. The more she can throw at you, the more COMFORTABLE and SAFE she will feel around you. And remember to not break character. You're a STABLE, CONFIDENT, AND DOMINANT man. You have the ANSWERS. If you try to relate or vent your own personal displeasures in life, you've relinquished your LEAD role and leveled with her as a beta. She will wonder how the heck the MAN she was just talking to pulled a Houdini and disappeared.

    Now, on the side I recommend you get some counseling. Seek therapy. You can't just bury the pain forever because you'll develop bad habits and not even realize the source. I feel you my brother. Good luck.


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  • Most definitely. I know how it is, because I'm turning 21, and I've also never been asked out.
    Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with my appearance, or maybe I'm just too shy. But whatever the issue is, I just gotta wait for a guy to take a chance on me. :) You will have to do the same, except with girls! :D

  • Yeah, I have never been on a date either. So a guy who is just as inexperienced as me would make me less nervous.

    • I would really like that :)

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    • Yeah. I hope you'll find someone who makes you happy.

    • Thanks ^^ I wish you luck as well.

  • sure why not

  • Yes. Don't count yourself out because you have less experience than others. If a girl won't date you for that, then she doesn't deserve you anyway.

    • Thanks! Do you think it would be OK to talk to women at uni. I get it's more like a work place but it's basically my only chance to meet girls.

    • Of course! How will it hurt just by talking? Just go in with no expectations.

    • Thanks!

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  • stitches states the cold harsh truth

  • Girls would date you, yeah

    • I'm just not meeting women besides at school cause I'm not that much of a party guy

    • You don't have to be, just be open to meeting people anyplace and anytime

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  • Most girls would sooner spit in the face of a constantly single guy your age rather than date you (kind of I ironic isn't? I don't like you cuz no one else liked you...guess they can't think for themselves).

    But since you're 6'4 I think you'll be alright. Height is the number one thing they are looking for so even though they won't like your lack of experience, for that they will gladly overlook it and most other issues you might have.

    • Yeah I feel like if they knew they'd think something must be wrong with me and stay away.