What should i do, say or thing about my girlfriend?

I've been with my girlfriend for about 3 months now and i love her and she does as well, but there's some things that bother me sometimes, one of them is the fact she hangs out with her ex... this dude was her best friend, then they started dating and the relationship lasted for about 20 days, and they returned to being just friends. But it really is making me feel awkward the fact she still goes to parties with him sometimes, or visits him at his work place and stays hours,(i really trust her i know she hasn't cheated)... I didn't care until my firends and family told me that was disrispectful towards me... Im comfused what to think about, and just to add something else she regularly tells me stories that have to do with her ex's nothing too serious just dumb stuff but i dont see the point of bringing those things in to a conversation... should i tell her something besides of the fact that it bothers me?


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  • If they was friends before bf and gf then they should remain friends , they obviously didn't work out as bf and gf , they like each other's company they should stay friends


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  • You should break up with her; she's not over her ex.