He said "Let's Keep in Touch" after a first date…what does it mean?

Some things to factor into your answer: 1) This was a guy I met online. so essentially it was a blind date. 2) I was instantly attracted to him…like I was afraid he was going to see me awkwardly staring at him 3) Came to find out that we are both introvert. He admitted that when he was younger he was shy but generally is okay now. He also says he needs time to process things---clearly he's introverted.

So the date overall went well I thought. There was laughter, interesting conversation, shared stories and we came to find out we have a lot of the same interests and surface level beliefs. Body language was good. We were mimicking each other's body language. When the conversation trailed off he would try to find a why to carry it on.

With all of that said, there were moments when I thought "yes this guy is actually into me" then there were others where i was like "maybe it's a friend vibe". But then finding out that he's introverted, i kept thinking…he's just processing right now. So the way the date ended was sort of weird which makes me think that maybe I won't hear from him again. We walked to the front of the door, he said "Well it was really great to meet you. This was fun." gave me an awkward sideways hug..but almost a real hug? and the said "Let's stay in touch". So I send a text a little while afterwards saying thanks again and I hoped we could do it again. He said "No problem. It was great to meet you too"….that's it Normally I'd consider that a blow off…but i think the date itself went well and it's been a very long time that I've felt myself around a guy on a first date. That and myself with someone I find so stinking attractive. Given that he said he used to be shy and that he's a self-proclaimed introvert I wonder if he just needs few days. What do you think?


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  • It sounds as though it wasn't actually a 'blow off,' but a way for him to possibly go home and think the situation over as to if there Might be-----a second chance And date. And he was being polite.
    I Do know being he is 'introverted, and did say 'he needs time to process things' from before, is telling me he doesn't want to rush into Anything, and wants to take his time even Now in deciding if he really Does want to Continue seeing you. I think he's unsure right now.
    And he may even be scared it could Lead into a Real Relationship that he is not ready for right now.
    By answering you back, it could go either way. Don't contact him until he gets in touch with you. And if he doesn't, move on to someone who's not so much of a----Self-proclaimed introvert.
    Good luck.xx

    • I am inclined to agree with you. I think he needed to digest what happened and the most honest answer he could give me was what he said. With that said…I'll give it a few days and if he doesn't reach out to me then, i think I'll shoot him a text. Fingers crossed that he just can't stop thinking about me and contacts me! If not, well there will be another…there always is

    • If you don't hear anything and feel even curious about what's up, shoot him one text...I know it's hard to just wait. However, if he gives you the 'polite poop' again, don't reach out any more...Many more fresher fish in the sea..xx


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  • That's probably a blow off, no offense. Though I've been wrong before. You'll know for sure in a couple of days...

  • On behalf of introverts everywhere: Give him a few days.


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  • aye, give him a few days.