Could it be that "inner beauty" is actually a lie?

Just for the record, I'm so happy in my own skin. I'm not a top model though, my body type is more like Raven Symoné from That's So Raven

So sometimes I wonder if my body could be an obstacle even though people do adore my personality.


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  • I think looks is just as important as inner beauty but when it comes to true love, I think inner beauty plays a dominant role. Sometimes I also wonder if guys just like me for my looks or only my personality. But I think when you meet the right guy, he'll let you know that you shouldn't feel the need to feel insecure because you're perfect in his eyes


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  • Inner beauty is important, but outer beauty still important. Just more to some and less to some and about equal to some.

    You don't buy a house just by how good the kitchen or master bathroom is, although they are very important. You consider the yard space and outside design too. Similarly, you don't buy a house just by looking outside and never caring about what's behind the door. You have to like it for the whole package. More or less.

  • Inner beauty is definitely real. But so is outer beauty.

    Right now you only have 1.

  • It's not a lie it's just overestimated by people with heads in the clouds.


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