girls always view my profile after I message them, but never respond?

I have like 100 girls that have viewed my profile and most of these girls I've messaged. Why is it that they don't ever respond? I know I can't be that ugly I even posted a pic on here and most of you said I was at least average if not above average. I always mention something in the girls profile showing interest, I don't make dumb comments either.


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  • they view it to see if you look like someone they could be interested in. if they don't like your pictures or your profile, they won't respond. simple.maybe its something in your profile. maybe there's a red flag in there (like divorce, kids, smoking, etc.) everyone has a different dealbreaker.


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  • Honestly I couldn't tell you! (That's pretty rude of them though)

    I don't even know how to check if someone viewed my profile! Lol


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  • most women (99% of the good looking ones) on dating/single sites are fake accounts. the few that are real have full mail boxes so they don´t bother to read all of the mails