she's telling my friend she likes me, but is ignoring me.?

we have already went on one date it went well to where she was planning the second date while we were on the first. she even had me come visit her where she teaches to see her class room. well the past week she's been short and to the point where she is not replying to me at all. yesterday my friend was talking to her and she was talking to him like she still liked me and can't wait to get together again. its real confusing.

I tried o chat with but she won't answer any of my questions on how she's doing. all she says is that he misses talking to me and nothing else.


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  • mixed signals, just talk to her, to see what's up


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  • She's playing hard to get. She might want you to ask her out. BUT the key for anything to work out is communication, trust me. So just talk to her about it.

    • All she says is that she misses talking to me and won't respond anymore after that.

  • She wants you to ask her out. She's playing hard to get now


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