Guys how soon do you start inviting a new girl you're seeing to things with your friends?

Guys when you're seeing a new girl and you really like her, how many dates do you wait to invite her to things with your friends?

So like how many dates was that I guess is what I'm asking. Or did you wait to be official?


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  • Mh... we waited a month and a half to meet his friends, but he didn't introduce me as his girlfriend, just as a date. the day we became official he invited me to the theatre with his brother and cousins. After the play he took me home and asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend.

    I would say the factors that matter in that decision would be.. if he thinks you're a good bet, like... he's taking you to his second family, you know? So maybe he wants to be sure you're worth the occasion (in case you're nothing official). He also might consider how well he thinks you're going to get along with them, like.. if you're going to be comfortable around them and their jokes, or their behavior. From my experience, guys won't wait too long to introduce their dates to their friends when they know she's charismatic and likes having a good time.


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  • I don't have any friends so never lol.

  • I will not wait for any thing. I will directly introduce myself and ask her to join me for something like a cup of coffee or drink. You need to take lead - do not wait - it is second chance that may never come in your life.


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  • My boyfriend introduced me to his friends about a month and a bit after we started seeing one another.

  • My bf invited me the first month of dating, but of course we were already friends before we started dating