Is there a lot of native Americans that live in Winnipeg Canada?

I am not racist what soever so do not take this question wrong. I have friends of different races and would someday like to adopt a child of different race. But my question is what kind of people live in Winnipeg canada? When I asked my bf jokingly if he flirted with other girls he said no. And then proceeded to tell me at the hotel they stayed at it was hooked to a casino and it was mainly native girls working there. He is not racist either but I'm not sure if he is telling the truth about them being mostly native.


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  • All sorts.

    Canada is a mixed bag of M&M's.

    The Native American population in Winnipeg is approx 12% as of 2011.

    • Does it sound like he is telling the truth? Not sure what hotel they stayed at but it had a casino hooked to it.

    • Might have been a Native run Casino...

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  • Furthermore, is they friendly?


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  • Yes there are a lot there. I lived in Winnipeg for a year