Does he like me or not (super confused)?

So I've liked this guy for quite awhile (he knows) and he asked me to dance at a semiformal dance and he even asked the DJ to play an extra slow song that he knew i liked. We text a lot (used to be a couple hours a day until 2am but he's been busy with school so its now only for a couple minutes) we talk at school everyday and sometimes i catch him staring at me. He teases me a lot as well. But, he always hangs out with another girl and I've asked him about her but, he said that they are just friends. Im really confused because if he liked me would he have asked me out already? One of my guy friends said that maybe he's shy and to make the first move but, hinestly im scared of rejection!


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  • Hmm yeah some guys are too shy and some guys are also kinda dumb when it comes down to know if a girl likes him or not. So if that is the case and you really like this guy and want something more than just a friendship then who cares about rejection and just do it. You would rather know than to not know. Goodluck!


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