Should I text him or should I wait? What does he think of our relationship?

I have a good guy friend who I liked in the fall. I felt like he sent signals he liked me and when I told him I liked him he said he felt the same way. Nothing really ever happened after that so I backed off and I was confused. Well two nights ago at a party we ended up talking and he apologized how he acted. He said he had been going through a break up and wasn't ready for a commitment. He said he didn't want to hurt me then but that he has always liked me. He ended up asking me out. Then we ended up hooking up that night. No sex I said no but I felt like I hurt his feelings when I didn't want to go that far. Unfortunately one of my roommates came home after we were done so he decided to go home so she wouldn't be uncomfortable. I haven't heard from him in two days. Should I text him or wait? Is he interested in a relationship or just a hook up?


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  • sounds like he was just looking for sex.


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  • no dont text him, he only wanted to hook up