When is it okay to text a guy back?

I went on a second date with a guy this week, we kissed a little and he said he could not help himself and wanted to kiss me. After I got back to my apartment I told him I had fun and thank you and goodnight. He said your welcome, if I got back safely, goodnight, and will talk to me soon...except he does not normally text me daily as he used to. It has only been two days. And yesterday on Thursday I sent him a picture of me during gradation since I told him before I will be graduating and because when he said he will be going to boston when we started talking to each other he sent me a picture infront of the university...

But when is it okay to text a guy though after a second date? I kept hearing people say 1) No because he should be chasing you so do not message him if he does not do that to you first. 2) If he had been messaging you daily, message him at least once to reciprocate and show that you are still interested in him.

But, the thing is we kissed. Should he not already know yet?


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  • I agree with Kittykatg. Forget about the "chasing" bullshit. If you feel like texting him, text him.

    Keep in mind, that if he likes you, you texting him won't change it. On the other hand, if he wasn't serious about you, then the text won't have changed anything.

    Good luck!


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  • Why do people follow such stupid rules. If u dont reply means ur not interested. Nuff said


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  • Ok the whole chase thing is so dumb. If you want to text him, text him, if you don't then don't. You've already gone on a date, he's obviously interested and if a text turns him off or you not texting him is a turn off then it wasn't meant to be.