Shy girl needs some serious help?

I am a very shy person and dont know many people in this town. I dont have anyone here that I would consider a friend, and so i dont leave the house much. What should i do so i a meet a nice guy?


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  • Ask some question, answer some questions... you'll see, after some time you'll start to learn people because you answer their questions and they answer yours.
    And if you need some guidance or friendship, feel free to ask. Most GAG'gers are kind people, almost anyone will be ready to help or advise!
    Welcome on board :-)

    • Thanks for the most helpful, enjoy GAG'ing :-)
      If you need a chat or I can help, feel free to send a message!


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  • The problem is that a lot of nice guys hang out at home or with a close group of friends. This makes finding them and meeting them very hard. The best way is to find an activity or group where these guys are isolated and then look at them, smile and say "Hi". If the guy is confident enough and interested, he'll do most of the work.

  • I suggest going out and doing things that you're genuinely interested in. Hopefully you'll meet people there who share your interests, and you can forge friendships. This will eventually lead to finding the right guy.
    Just don't force things; let them come naturally!

  • Nice guys are everywhere but they can also be shy.
    Try going to a place where you can find common intrests easily.
    Do you enjoy sports? Talk to them on the sport field.
    More of a quiet home i like to internet girl? Try omegle.

    Join the conversation or simply start talking.
    If the conversation doesn't get going especially if you try it online it doesn't have to be you who is doing it wrong. If they keep giving very awkward or short answers to your questions or they don't do anything to keep the conversation going it isn't your fault and you will have better luck next time. On your part try to avoid short answers so there is enough to talk about.

  • Join a club.


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